Toronto Holly Jones Murder Update: Where Is Murderer Michael Briere Now

A Toronto west-end neighborhood was shocked and unsettled in 2003 by the brutal murder of 10-year-old Holly Jones, one of their own.

The murder of Holly would bring to light the many problems with the Ontario Sex Registry and encourage parents to speak up and fight for better protection for their children. It was a time in Toronto that nobody needs to think back on but also that nobody will ever forget.

Toronto Holly Jones Murder Update 2022

There were four elements, according to the lead detective on the 2003 kidnapping and murder of Holly Jones, that led police to immediately suspect the murderer when they knocked on his home to get a DNA sample.

After walking a classmate home from school, Holly Jones was kidnapped in her neighborhood. It had happened in broad daylight, in the Junction Triangle neighborhood in west Toronto, and detectives would find out later there were witnesses.

After being detained, Michael Briere, 35, was charged with her murder. Steve Ryan, a crime analyst with CP24, served as the case’s principal investigator.

Where Is Murderer Michael Briere Now

Michael Briere admitted to first-degree murder in June 2004. A man who commits such type of crime – you put him away, you put him away for good, he stated during the sentencing.

Michael was given a life sentence with a 25-year parole eligibility period. This cannot be the end, the family’s lawyer for Holly said as she read from a prepared statement. The truth is that Holly won’t ever lose her spirit, kindness, tenderness, sense of humor, or love of life. Michael was detained at Kingston Penitentiary in Ontario, according to a 2012 report.

Michael Briere Arrest Charges

Michael, a 35-year-old programming engineer for the research facilities testing company MDS Inc., was employed there in 2003. As the investigation unfolded, the unassuming man eventually became a strong candidate for Holly Jones’ murder.

On May 12, 2003, Holly disappeared after accompanying a friend back to her house in a Toronto, Canada, area. That evening, a hurried search yielded no results.

Specialists discovered two duffel bags near Lake Ontario in Canada that contained dismembered human remains the next day. A five-pound hand weight was also contained in one of the sacks. The remainder was identified as Holly’s. Before a ligature choked her to death, she had been physically assaulted.

The young child was dissected and emptied after that. It was confirmed that Holly had died less than an hour after being apprehended. The police started collecting residents’ DNA samples to find a match.

Michael was an exceptional case of the kind of individual who would not intentionally submit to DNA testing while running for office. The cops so placed him under observation. Michael’s DNA was found in a can, and a straw that he had thrown away, which matched the DNA profile found under Holly’s fingernails. Michael was apprehended in June 2003 in this manner. He then went on to confess what had occurred that May 12 evening.