Ukrainian Tiktoker Yelizaveta Lizzy Lysova is Viral As The Teen Documents Her Life During The Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Yelizaveta Lizzy Lysova is a 17-year-old Ukrainian TikToker in the limelight sharing her experiences of the war happening in her country.

Social media has come as a boon in today’s world looking at its contribution to some of the biggest issues we are facing. As Russia invades Ukraine and the two nations have declared war, it’s those platforms that are bringing us first-hand news.

TikTok star Yelizaveta Lizzy Lysova, who fled to Switzerland from Ukraine thanks Tiktok for helping her share her story of witnessing the threatening situation in her country. Here is more on the personality and her whereabouts.

Who Is Yelizaveta Lizzy Lysova?

Yelizaveta Lizzy Lysova is a Tiktok star who was quite famous in her country until the day Russia invaded Ukraine. She is now known by the world as her video of the very day gets viral.

Lizzy put a piece on a bathrobe where she is dancing and a written note pops up saying that she woke up at 5 AM to the sounds of the explosion only to discover that Russia had declared war in her country and it was time to pack her bags.

That particular video gained her 16 million views making her an overnight sensation. She says it’s quite difficult to come to reality and still feels like its a bad dream. The idea of war in 2022 is unrealistic, to say the least.

The TikTok star is currently living in Switzerland with her sister and is preparing for her exams. However, it is very difficult for her to concentrate on her studies remembering the situation back home.

Ukrainian Tiktok Star Yelizaveta Lizzy Lysova Documents Fleeing Kyiv

Yelizaveta Lizzy Lysova started packing her bags the day when the war began. She was with her sister and her parents were apparently living in West Ukraine.

Along with her sister, Lizzy flee her country and moved to Switzerland leaving behind her parents and brother. It aches the teenager that she is alone without them in a foreign country. She has to study even though all she has in her mind is her crying nation.

All this was documented by the TikToker in her documentary. She explains every bit of emotion in her video and pleads with the powerhouses to save the people of Ukraine.

As much as TikTok gave her the platform to voice her opinion, social media was equally responsible for spreading misinformation as well. Russians are made to believe that the war isn’t real but it very much is.

Yelizaveta Lizzy Lysova Instagram

Yelizaveta Lizzy Lysova is present on Instagram as @yelizaveta.lysova. However, she doesn’t seem much active on it as her last post was on 7th January.

She has over 11 thousand followers on it.