UNCC Student: Polly Rogers Bus Accident, Twitter Reacts To The Video Of Girl Falls From The Bus

Polly Rogers, 20, died in 2018 after falling out of a party bus window and being hit by two automobiles. The Polly Rogers bus accident will be revealed in more detail.

After four years, some internet users are still looking for videos of the collision.

However, the video is not available any more on the internet, and some people use it as clickbait, leading to other users searching for information about her untimely death.

Polly Rogers Bus Accident On Reddit

Polly Rogers, a UNC Charlotte student, died after falling out of an emergency window on a party bus.

People are looking for the crash film because it has gone viral. Other links on the site claim to be the girl’s accident video.

She slipped out of an emergency window while traveling, landed in the main lane of the road they were on, and was hit by two automobiles. On the spot, she was pronounced dead.

According to the father of another passenger on the bus that night, she was leaning against the glass, and the emergency window latches were broken. She then slipped out by accident.

Twitter Reacts For The Polly Rogers Video

The Polly Rogers fall video is being searched for on Twitter. Various links on the site claim to be the girl’s accident video.

All of them, however, turned out to be clickbait. Even though videos exist, individuals urge others to respect the deceased and her family by not sharing them.

It contains sensitive information, and its publication on the internet will significantly impact her family.

Polly Rogers Age & Family

Polly Rogers was a 20-year-old Special Education student at Charlotte’s University of North Carolina. She was also a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity. Even though it has been four years, people and her family still remember her.

Her family was devastated when they learned of Polly’s death. Tim Rogers, Polly’s father, said the grief of losing his beloved daughter came in waves.

“She genuinely desired to be a special education teacher, and she had such a huge compassion for individuals with special needs,” her father added.

Even though Polly lived for only 20 years before dying, Rogers declared that she had already made him proud.