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Verona Pooth Biography

Verona Pooth is a German television personality, beauty pageant winner, and an occasional actress. In 1993, she was Miss Germany and Miss Intercontinental and represented Germany at the Miss Universe 1993 contest.

Verona Pooth Age

She was born on  April 30, 1968, in, La Paz, Bolivia (She is 50 years old as of 2019)

Verona Pooth Height

She stands at a height of 1.73 m

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Verona Pooth Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Verona Pooth Parents

She was born to Luisa Feldbusch (mother) and Ernst Feldbusch (father)

Verona Pooth Siblings

The details of her siblings to be updated soon.

Verona Pooth Husband

She was married to  Dieter Bohlen (former spouse), and  Franjo Pooth (current)

Verona Pooth Children

She has two children San Diego and Rocco Ernesto

Verona Pooth Film and TV

Wer liebt, dem wachsen Flügel
Gabriel Barylli
Heirate mir!
Malgorzata Kawalerowicz
Douglas Wolfsperger
2001: A Space Travesty
Yetta Pussel
Allan A. Goldstein
Renny Harlin
666 – Traue keinem, mit dem du schläfst!
as herself
Rainer Matsutani
Chicken Little
Abigail “Abby” Mallard (voice) (German version)
Mark Dindal

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Verona Pooth Interview

Verona Pooth polarises: some admire them, the others are annoyed. The successful businesswoman has never minced words and does not do it today. And she talks about her ex-husband Dieter Bohlen.

Stuttgart – Model, singer, presenter, advertising icon – Verona Pooth worked his way up into the ranks of the most prominent Germans in the 1990s. Her fame reached an unpleasant climax for today’s 50-year-old when her short with the music producer Dieter Bohlen, including publicly made slap and divorce in 1996 dominated the headlines. No reason for the eager businesswoman with the language error she cultivated to pull herself back. Then it really started with the career. Verona Pooth, which was then called Feldbusch, moderated regularly on German television, got her own show “Verona’s World”, became a successful commercial face and registered her first name as a brand. Her spots for directory inquiries and creamed spin reached cult status. Similar to her ex-husband Dieter Bohlen, Verona Pooth also polarises: Some find them annoying, others admire them. In an interview, she talks about her ex-husband, her mother’s dementia, vanity and frog lips.

Ms. Pooth, in the 1990s, you became a well-known commercial face and you were a successful presenter, model, and entrepreneur. But actually you were one of the most popular comedians in Germany – do you agree?

Hmmm … I’m not sure about that. But I suppose that means to say that I can be funny and make people laugh. Then I’m happy about the compliment and accept it gladly.

They made a joke of being stupid. Do you secretly always feel that you are much smarter than many others?

I did not have, I have not today. And I never said I was stupid. That was the media. I’ll take a closer look at that in my book. I call this chapter: “All are smart around” …

For years you have been silent about your time with Dieter Bohlen. Now unpack. Why so late and why?

I wrote my biography and then, of course, you talk about everything that was of interest or interest in life. And that was and is undoubtedly the case with our relationship at the time. After 30 years in the media, I have now decided to, because it felt right. Everything fits, so why not?

Did Dieter Bohlen comment on this?

No. What should he say? Everything is right, I write. And I end up writing well about him, too. That was a long time ago, forgiven but not forgotten. And some of the things he had published I corrected on the occasion.

Would you say that Dieter Bohlen was the catalyst for your success?

That one always assumes with a woman that a man has probably prepared the career! I was already very successful with Bohlen as a singer worldwide, as a fashion designer as well, Miss Germany I was already there, etc. etc. I had earned my first condominium long before Mr. Bohlen came into my life. It did not interest us when we came together. At the time Dieter was not as hip as before or now. It was our spectacular divorce that caught the interest. And the trigger for that was not me.

They address the topic of dementia of your mother and the associated hunt of the media. What lessons have you learned from this time?

That was a hard time. But not alone because of the media. That was already clear to me that there are hard times and there will be. And I’m not sugar, can fight back and I have nothing to blame. But it was different with my mother. Since I could not say everything, I could not handle it as I wanted – after all, it was always about her. That was exploited, that was hard. I described everything in detail in my book and how I handled it made me feel good.

They describe themselves as “completely normal and totally wrong” and do not seem to be very concerned with vanities. What does vanity mean to you and are you perhaps a bit too?

I think we are all a little bit vain. And especially we women. But it’s also fun. Like everything in life: If you find the right measure, it’s great.

What do you think of beauty surgeries, botox, and co? How far would you go?

Everyone should decide for themselves. At the end of the day, it all depends on how you feel about it and how I feel about myself. If I’m happy and satisfied with that – why not? Whom do you do with it, except maybe yourself? Like me with my frog lips (laughs).

They have always attached great importance to their careers. At the same time, you are a thoroughbred family man. Have your priorities shifted through your two children?

In front of the kids, I always gave 1000 percent for my job. Since the children come these always first, then the rest. But I think that’s the case with all women. Not only with me.

They make a happy marriage with their husband Franjo and consciously go out to eat as a couple several times a week. Is this your luck secret? What else is there?

For us, it just fits as it is. And we like to eat together. Not only because of the good food. But because you then talk to each other, must and wants to talk. You enjoy and I always wanted to be able to afford that at some point. I did it. And I enjoy that very much.

Fame has two sides – you have experienced this bitterly during her mother’s dementia illness and during her husband’s bankruptcy. Do you sometimes wish to lead a normal life without prominence?

What is a normal life? Everyone defines that differently for themselves. I chose public life for myself. Nobody forced me to do that. Just as I can live with the beautiful sides of this job, so I have to live with the bad side. Like everyone else. For me, just everything is public.

Verona Pooth Latest News

Verona Pooth (50) makes in her new book, “Take everything, give a lot! The Verona-principle of” no Detail out. The advertising icon writes openly about her turbulent flash-marriage-with-Pop-Titan Dieter Bohlen (65) and reveals, among other things, that she caught him in bed with his then-Ex-girlfriend Nadja Abd el Farrag (53). But Naddel was by no means innocent, as Pooth claims. So you should have Planks with his gardener cheated.

The gardener was “the man for all cases in the home Bohlen”

In her book, Pooth describes how she returned to the wedding with Bohlen in May 1996, in Las Vegas in the Villa of the Modern-Talking-Stars to Tötensen (D). There, she met the gardener of the music producers – “a well-built guy in mid-30, with tight Jeans, aufgeknöpftem shirt and a straw in the mouth,” as she describes him. He “leaned lasciviously at the Box and murmured something like “Yes, Howdy, Folks!”, he looked like a state premium stallion who wanted to do it with me in the hay comfortably.” Pooth stuttered: “I’m the wife, so the New, so Mrs. Bohlen,” he does not want to understand that she was the new housekeeper and have no interest in it, “to roll with him on any bales of Straw”.

she writes: “”But Naddel and I have understood all these years is also good”, he made a clear hint. How, please? He just said in a roundabout way that he had with Naddel an affair? I hooked friendly, and he told me as a friendly circus horse, that it really would have been like. He would finally, Planks are not only the gardener but also the man for all cases in the home.” The gardeners have parked in the driveway of the house, so that Plank’s horns had to before he came in.

Planks wanted to keep Naddel “as a Back-up wife”

In her book, Verona Pooth describes also, that Screed wanted to live to third. The musician suggested, “to get Naddel into the house, as quasi-employees”. Pooth writes: “it would be treatable and you know with house and horses, and would be sure to go to great shopping. It dawned on me that he wanted to keep Naddel as a Back-up wife. He no longer loved her, but she wanted to lose under any circumstances.”

On the second day of their life together, mentioned Planks that the Villa needed to be cleaned. “There I was, in his opinion, did not see the task, but for me,” writes Pooth. “Verona, I’m hungry!”, he roared like a smug Pasha down the stairs, whereupon I replied: “fine, then go to Hittfeld and get a Pizza!” Of course, I would have been willing to cook him something, if he had asked nicely. But the tone makes the music, and in this case, he had confused me obviously with Naddel or an employee.”

Pooth and Planks parted four weeks after the wedding after he had beaten her and her eardrum burst. The marriage was divorced in May 1997