Victoria Atkins Age, Religion, Voting Record, Majority, Previous Office

Victoria Atkins is a British politician who has served as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care since November 2023

Victoria Atkins Age

How old is Victoria Atkins? Victoria Atkins is 47 years old. Victoria Mary Atkins was born on 22 March 1976 in London.

Victoria Atkins Religion

What religion does Victoria Atkins  practice? Victoria Atkins is a Christian.

Victoria Atkins Voting Record

What is Victoria Atkins’ voting record? Victoria Atkins never voted on allowing terminally ill people to be given assistance to end their life.

She voted for reforming the NHS so GPs buy services on behalf of their patients, consistently voted for charging a market rent to high earners renting a council home, consistently voted for phasing out secure tenancies for life and almost always voted against transferring more powers to the Scottish Parliament.

Victoria Atkins Majority

Victoria Atkins was initially elected as the Conservative MP for Louth and Horncastle in 2015, and she was re-elected with a majority of 28,868 in 2019.

Victoria Atkins Previous Office

Which office was Victoria Atkins  previously in? Victoria Atkins previously served as Financial Secretary to the Treasury from October 2022 to November 2023.

A member of the Conservative Party, she was first elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Louth and Horncastle in Lincolnshire in 2015. Prior to her political career, she worked as a barrister specialising in the field of fraud.