Was Kayla Nicole Jones Aka Meme Mom In A Car Accident In LA? YouTube Comedian Subject Of Fake Internet Hoax

No, Kayla Nicole Jones was not involved in any car accident that took place at a busy Los Angeles junction. At least four people were killed and eight more were injured in a flaming automobile wreck.

According to authorities, eight others were injured following the scary high-impact incident on Thursday in the Windsor Hills area between Culver City and Inglewood.

Surveillance video from the site showed a fast automobile run a red light, colliding with several other vehicles, and bursting into flames before coming to rest near a petrol station.

The heat from the fire melted a traffic signal.

Kayla Nicole Jones Aka Meme Mom’s Reported Car Accident

Nicole Jones, called Meme Mom, is said to have been in a vehicle accident, which is a hoax. Luhkye, her partner, clarified the confusion among their admirers in an Instagram remark.

He claimed that he and his family are perfectly fine at their home. Their followers were concerned about her and were constantly commenting on his images, asking whether she was ok or not.

“The vehicle collision in Los Angeles has created quite a stir on the internet. And everyone says it’s Kayla and your son. Is everything all right? One person asked, “Are you okay?”

Similarly, another user wrote, “Please assure me that Kayla and the babies are safe and that these are simply rumors.” To which he replied, “what you talking about? That’s false we are at home.”

Finally, we may breathe a sigh of relief. Since there were so many stories concerning their death, we were terrified.

Furthermore, many denounce those who spread incorrect information about them without sufficient details and evidence.

Miracle Wyatts, another victim of the accident hoax, also mentioned on her Instagram story that she is well and appreciates everyone’s concern.

Is Kayla Nicole Jones Dead?

Kayla Nicole Jones is not dead as her boyfriend Kye confirmed the news. The pregnant mama is taking rest at her home.

She is pregnant for the second time. She hasn’t officially announced her new child, but her recent videos and photos have gotten much attention when people notice her baby bump.

We can also see her maintaining her belly, which looks larger than typical. People are waiting for her to announce whether it’s a baby girl or boy.

Aside from that, she and her boyfriend, Kye Kye, welcomed their first child, Messiah Kaylon Ni’Colby, in early 2021.

Kayla Nicole Jones Is A Comedian And A Content Creator

Nicole Jones, often known as “Meme Mom,” is a social media celebrity and comedian from the United States. She is renowned for uploading amusing videos on her YouTube channel, Nicole Tv.

Nicole Jones has been in the spotlight since she was a teenager. She began by writing down her ideas while living in a tiny town in Alabama.

One of her earliest popular videos was a spoof on hair lessons, with pats of hair gel and a slicked ponytail pointing upward.

She’s now 20 years old, a mother (she has a 1-year-old son, Messiah, and is expecting her second kid), a wife, and the host of her show, “Meme Mom.”

Jones speaks with an unmistakable composure in an interview with Essence. She claims that motherhood has transformed her. It also influenced the way she works.

“As I don’t have a lot of spare time,” Jones says ESSENCE, “when I upload my work, it’s more strategic and simply more ordered.”

“I altered my procedures. I do it better today than I used to. I still allow myself to be genuine to my heritage, but in a little cleaned-up way.”

Her new strategy has paid well. Jones’ static, high-resolution posts have received hundreds of thousands of likes. Her videos have received millions of views. She’s the one. However, it has not always been simple.

“I was truly at my lowest when I started to become my most successful, and a lot of people didn’t know,” she explains. “As much as I was achieving in front of everyone, I was doing it all behind the scenes while suffering from high-functioning depression, postpartum.”

“In my personal life, I’m just going through a lot of trial and error.”

However, her hard work has paid off, she has 7.3 million Instagram followers, 10.5 million TikTok followers, and 5.4 million YouTube subscribers.

One of her most notable brand accomplishments has been developing content for MAC Cosmetics. Her net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be $1.2 million.