What Do You Call Your Grandparents Siblings?

Your grandparents siblings are called grandaunts and granduncles. Americans also use greataunt or greatuncle to call the siblings of their grandparents.

If you have a huge extended family, then you must have wondered what is the correct word or relationship to refer to someone during the family gathering so as not to embarrass yourself. It’s a daunting task and I have a personal experience.

As humanity leaps forward will all the technological advancements say as communications and transportation, families have grown closer to one another despite living in a completely different part of the world. You might still be in contact with your grandparents’ brothers and sisters through social media or phone communication.

Although the number of members in a family determined the power and strength during the Medival times, the metric has been long obsolete. Nevertheless, people have grown closer and are constantly in need of finding the correct relationship and words to communicate.

While the relationships are often dictated by the family itself and the values and norms of the unit, the genealogy and scientific study of family trees have a completely different tale to tell. So, let us jump right into it.

What Is Your Grandparents Siblings To You?

Grandparents siblings are your grandaunts and granduncles. Americans prefer to call them by great-aunts and great-uncles.

Although there are specific terms used to describe the relationships, it is equally important to understand that no two families are the same and kids will learn from their families growing up and will call the siblings of their grandparents whatever they are taught since childhood.

What Do You Call Your Grandparents Brother?

Grandparents brother is often referred to as greatuncle or granduncle depending upon a particular family or region.

While some families might have nicknames for their grandparent’s brother who lives nearby and is very close to the family. They can be siblings of your grandfather or your grandmother from both your mother’s or father’s side.

Or you can use much simpler terms like older grandpa, if the brother is older than your grandparent or younger grandpa if he is younger sibling to your grandparent.

What Do You Call Your Grandparents Sister?

Grandparents sister is called great-aunt or grandaunt.

The relationship can be used for the sister of both your maternal and parental grandparents. However, that one grandparents’ sister who brings candy and makes the Christmas sweater for everyone can be affectionately referred to as granny as well.

Some could simply refer to them by their names or could possibly have a nickname for them to use inside the family. Using nicknames can be confusing for outsiders but will make perfect sense inside the family.

Is It Greataunt And Greatuncle Or Grandaunt and Granduncle?

Greataunt and greatuncle or grandaunt and granduncle mean the same in daily conversation. The two terms do have completely different meanings scientifically.

It is common for anyone to refer to the siblings of their grandparents either by saying grandaunt and granduncle or greataunt and greatuncle. While the two terms do not have vast differences in day-to-day conversation, ‘grand’ and ‘great’ can pose opposite meanings to professional studying relationships.

To scientists studying relationships, the term grandaunt means someone of the generation of your grandparents’ generation, and each great adds one generation for them, meaning greataunt will be one generation older than your aunt.

Although in this particular instance, as I mentioned earlier, it does not have much difference and once we cross our grandparents’ generation, the difference becomes quickly apparent.

The correct way of referring to the siblings of your great-grandparents now does not become great-grandaunt or great-granduncle, but the terms great-greataunt and great-greatuncle are used.

Either grandaunt or great aunt can be used to refer to the sister of your grandparents, but if you are willing to make things consistent, then using great aunt can be a wise choice. 

Anyone word among granduncle or great-uncle can also be used to refer to the brother of your grandparent.

What Do You Call Your Grandparents Siblings Grandchildren?

Grandparents siblings’ grandchildren are called second cousins. Grandparents’ siblings’ children are called first cousins once removed.

Second cousins are those cousins with whom you share at least one set of great-grandparents. First cousins are those with whom you share at least one set of grandparents, but you share two sets of grandparents with your double first cousins, who are also called First Cousins twice.

Now, you might be wondering how can parents of second cousins be first cousins once removed and what even once removed means in the family tree, hold your horses we will discuss everything.

The once removed does not mean the particular member of the family was once denounced but later taken back by the family, it just means they are one generation apart from you. For example, the parents of your second cousins are your first cousins once removed because they are one generation older than you.

Now you might wonder, how can they be first cousins once removed and not second cousins once removed? the answer is the line of second cousins has not started yet and will only start with the grandchildren of your grandparent’s siblings.

Still confused? don’t blame yourself and have a look at the diagram below which explains everything and your relationship with everyone.