What does Robert Sheehan do now?

Robert Sheehan is an Irish actor. He is best known for television roles such as Nathan Young in Misfits, Darren Treacy in Love/Hate, and Klaus Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy, as well as film roles such as Tom Natsworthy in Mortal Engines and Simon Lewis in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Sheehan became interested in acting in primary school when he played Oliver in Oliver with a Twist. At the age of fourteen, he auditioned for Song for a Raggy Boy, and won the role, spending three months in Cork to film.

What does Robert Sheehan do now?

In 2018, Robert Sheehan appeared in Genius: Picasso as Carlos Casagemas and in The Young Offenders Christmas special as a caricatured version of himself.

He also appeared in several films; he starred alongside David Tennant in Bad Samaritan, appeared in the neo-noir film Mute, and starred in Mortal Engines in the leading role of Tom Natsworthy.

In 2019, he starred in the Netflix Original series The Umbrella Academy as Klaus Hargreeves. On 15 October 2021, Robert published his debut novel, Disappearing Act: A Host of Other Characters in 16 Short Stories.