What Happened To Angel Bumpass? Daughters Appeal And Update 2022: Where Is She Now?

People are interested in learning more about Angel Bumpass, who is being investigated for murder. Let’s dig deeper into the article and find out more information about her.

The number of people requesting that justice be done for Angel and that the court finish the trial as quickly as possible has caused an upsurge in the number of petitions that have been created.

Before she was taken into custody in 2018, Angel was leading a happy life with a promising future ahead of her. Following her arrest, everything, including her personal as well as her professional life, has been put on hold until further notice.

What Happened To Angel Bumpass? Daughters Appeal And Update 2022

Angel Bumpass was framed for felony murder when she was only thirteen years old, and it is regarded that she was falsely convicted and sentenced to life in prison as a result.

People believe that the attorney did a poor job representing Angel Bumpass’s case and she did not receive adequate legal assistance from them. Because Angel’s attorneys did not present a compelling argument in her defense, she was found guilty on October 3, 2019. The harm done, cost her life in the process.

She is a mother to two children. Bumpass lived with her grandmother at the time of the murder, and according to her grandmother, Bumpass never set foot in the Bonners’ house. A great number of social media pages are pleading for justice and demanding that she be released.

Since April 2021, Angel Bumpass’ retrial case has been repeatedly rescheduled and her new court date is January 7, 2022. Because of the continuous rescheduling, it appears that the hearing will never be held. And the case will be rescheduled once more.

Where Is She Now?

Angel Bumpass is currently spending time in prison for the charge of murder. However, in recent years she has attempted to have the case retried, and as a result of COVID-19, her appeal has been put on hold multiple times.

Her appeal had been planned but had to be postponed because of the pandemic. Her most recent appearance in the media took place after she had successfully persuaded the court to postpone the hearing on multiple occasions. In April of 2021, she put in a request for a hearing.

Bumpass, on the other hand, is still incarcerated and has not been able to successfully refute the charges against her because her appeal has been continuously denied.

Her fingerprints were discovered on a piece of duct tape, and as a result, she was found guilty of a murder she is charged with committing when she was just 13 years old. There were nine other prints at the site that could not be identified.