Survivor: Did Jeff Probst Have A Face Surgery?

The Survivor Contestant Jeff Probst has been hosting the show for 20 years and yet looks almost the same has sparked speculation on the internet that the acclaimed host has undergone plastic surgery to retain his youthful appearance.

Jeff Probst has been a part of our television lives for almost two decades. The Survivor host has been on the reality competition series for 40 seasons and is approaching 60. He’s virtually a television legend.

Viewers have grown to adore his hosting style as Survivor’s ultimate tribal leader, but they’ve also noticed something else: he doesn’t appear to be aging like a regular human.

While Jeff has never confirmed that he’s had any plastic surgery, most admirers believe it’s the case, though they agree that the results aren’t immediately noticeable. Other hypotheses abound as to how Jeff maintains his youthful appearance. One popular explanation is that he’s simply physically fit, which has helped him maintain his youthful vigor.

Jeff Probst Illness and Weight Loss: His Health Update

Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor, has spoken up about a recent health concern involving his memory. He was diagnosed with transient global amnesia (TGA), a brief loss of memory.

According to the Mayo Clinic, during an episode of TGA, a person’s recall of recent events abruptly fades, leaving them unable to remember where they are or how they got there. People in their middle or later years are most commonly affected, and as they recover, they may slowly begin to recall events and circumstances.

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Symptoms include the sudden beginning of memory loss confirmed by a witness, retention of personal identification despite memory loss, and normal cognition, such as the ability to recognize and name familiar things and follow basic directions, according to the Mayo Clinic. TGA has an unknown underlying etiology. However, there is a correlation between it and a history of migraines.

Probst revealed that he had an MRI but that his memory had returned just before he had it done. He snapped his fingers and remarked, “It was like that quickly.” “I thought to myself, ‘Oh wow, I’m back.'”

He expressed concern that he was suffering from early-onset dementia. “I live for Fridays now more than ever,” Probst told Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. “When I think of the weekend, I say to myself, ‘I’ve got another weekend, let’s go!'”

Probst stated that he is totally fine now and does not have any health problems now.

On the other hand, even though the host is often removed from many of the more physically demanding aspects of being on Survivor, Jeff has sustained injuries while working on the show on multiple occasions. Jeff was out for a swing when the show was filming in Borneo when he was stung near his genitals.