What Happened To Laverne Fields? Husband Calvin Fields Murder Case On ID

Laverne Fields was found blameworthy of allegedly murdering her husband, Calvin Fields, in 1999.

In contrast, Laverne denied doing such a gruesome crime and said that her husband of over a year killed himself, and his death was a matter of suicide. The investigation team searched her home and gathered evidence, including autopsy reports. Also, witness reports rounded up against her.

The documentary series “Reasonable Doubt: Prison Mom” on Investigation Discovery details the 57-year-old mother, Laverne Fields, serving a 90-year sentence.

What Happened To Laverne Fields?

A veteran of the Vietnam War, Calvin Fields was found dead inside his home, and his wife was convicted of his murder.

Laverne stated that her husband was in bed fully covered with blood on September 27, 1999, while reporting to 911. The police officers took the move immediately to her home in Tyler, Texas, where they found Calvin face up on the bed in the bedroom with blood dripping from his mouth and nose.

After interrogation, the police officer discovered hints pointing to the fact that the wife killed the husband to claim a life insurance policy. However, they were penniless, later pleaded innocent, and was kept on trial.

Although Laverne claimed her husband killed himself, Two years later, prosecutors found her guilty of first-degree murder. From that day, the alleged murderer was facing charges but also claiming her innocence, as did her children.

Laverne Fields’ children, Montreal Jordan and LaToya Lane, will be seen on ID’s Reasonable Doubt. The show will re-analyze Laverne’s case, and her children hope her mother will get justice after two decades.

The new episode is all set to air on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, at 9 pm ET, states and the viewers are excited to watch the story of a convicted woman.

Husband Calvin Fields Murder Or Suicide

It is still undetermined whether Laverne’s husband, Calvin, committed suicide or his wife killed her.

Calvin was a Vietnam War veteran whose dead body was discovered in his home in Tyler, Texas, in September 1999. Laverne continuously claimed her husband killed himself, but an entrance wound was later discovered in the back of the head.

The authorities believed he died of a 9mm bullet piercing his skull and brain; hence they kept Laverne in custody. The officers guessed the gun was shot from about three to six inches away from Calvin’s head, and a person couldn’t shoot from such a distance.

Also, the prosecutors could not find anything that indicated his suicide. A homicide investigation was conducted, and they found Calvin did not experience any kind of depression or mental health issues.

Also, his family never found anything suspicious in his behavior, and he also discussed with them all his future plans. Hence the officers regarded his wife as a murderer.

More On Her Children

Montreal Jordan and LaToya Lane are the two children of convicted woman Laverne Fields.

Her children also continuously claimed their mother’s innocence in their father’s murder. They said the love between their parents was unexpressive; hence she could not think of doing such a gruesome crime.

Both of her children will be appeared on “Reasonable Doubt: Prison Mom” and hope for justice.

‘Reasonable Doubt’ investigators interview Laverne Fields’ children, who think the same as Laverne. Jordan, Calvin’s second child, was only six years old at the time of the incident.

He also said his father had mental health issues, so he killed himself. However, the victim’s friends and family remembered him as a positive-minded and jolly person who loved his family more than anything.

The victim’s eldest daughter, Lane, who was 18 then, also believes her mother is innocent. A strong woman who gave courage to her family could not gather the courage to kill her husband, according to her.