What Happened To Sticky Vicky? Update On Her Knee Injury After The Horrific Accident

Well wishes from fans all over the world poured in after Victoria Aragues Gadea, 79, crashed her knees while getting into a car.

Sticky Vicky is a retired dancer and illusionist best known for her vaginal magic show. After removing Nicholas Georgiou from her flap, she gave her final performance in the fall of 2015.

In the Spanish resort that is well-liked by British tourists, the 79-year-old grandma is well-known for her X-rated magic performances.

Sticky Vicky Accident Update- What Happened To The Benidorm X Rated Dancer?

After suffering injuries to her legs in a accident fall, Benidorm tourist favorite Sticky Vicky, a performer known for her raunchy stage performances, is now recuperating in a hospital.

For 35 years, Vicky, a native of Tenerife, entertained millions of visitors with her X-rated routines.

Since she began airing her program in the middle of the 1970s, it has reportedly been viewed by six million people.

Furthermore, she once opened Mel’s Mobility Shop before it caught fire to celebrate the third season of the Johnny Vegas-starring ITV comedy series Benidorm.

Her daughter, Maria Gadea Aragues, has subsequently taken over after she announced her retirement at the age of 72 after being diagnosed with uterine cancer the following year.

Legendary Dancer Sticky Vicky Injured Her Knee And Have Her Hospitalised

Sticky Vicky, a star of Benidorm, injured her knees while attempting to get into a car and was taken to the hospital right away.

Vicky, whose real name is Victoria Aragues Gadea, was admitted to the hospital for five days and had staples placed in both of her knees before being allowed to leave.

She went home, but her discomfort persisted, and when one of her legs got infected, she had to go back for medical attention.

“Hello everyone,” Vicky said. I had an accident last week before getting into the automobile, but I’d like you to know that I’m fine.

“I was in the hospital for five days.” We returned today after being released and sent home because it aches a lot and you need to check to see if I have an infection. Hopefully not, and we can leave today.” We’ll update you on the development. ‘Be careful.’

Fans from all across the world sent congratulations and well wishes. “Nasty injury,” stated Claire Tucker. Please be careful and recover quickly.

About Sticky Vicky Daughter Benidorm Act In 2022- When Is It Scheduled?

In the year 2021, it was announced that Sticky Vicky’s daughter, Maria Gadea Aragüés, will inherit the trademarked name and sequin-covered undergarments that her mother made famous.

Demaria, her co-performer daughter, likewise made the choice to concentrate on other endeavors rather than continue the adult concerts as originally intended.

Evidently, the specifics of her Benidorm performance in 2022 are allegedly uncertain.

Furthermore, a Benidorm tourist guide previously referred to her as a “must-see,” saying that missing out on seeing her show would be like buying fish without fries or turning on the TV to see Ant without Dec.