What Happened To UK Drill Rapper SLIM? TikTok Videos Claim He Got Stabbed To Death

The UK rapper Slim’s Tiktok video’s comments state him to have been stabbed to death. Let’s find out whether the rumors are true or hoaxes.

Similarly, he is a talented rapper from South London who grew up in a rough neighborhood. His singles like Different, Again and Again, and Touring helped him remain in the limelight.

The rapper mainly utilizes backdrop in his music which establishes his music to be more distinctive than his peers.

Hence, he is a passionate and focused individual whose album Still Working did quite well in the UK market.

Is UK Rapper Slim Dead? Stabbed To Death TikTok Video: True Or Hoax?

The TikTok comments seem false as the UK rapper has assured the fans that he isn’t dead. Thus, it appears to be a hoax. However, rumors still exist about the rapper about his death.

The London rapper was jailed for two years. He was arrested for drugs on his property in 2018.

MC Slim was jailed in June 2019 after the decision of the judge.

Moreover, he returned from jail on 29th January 2021 with time served. However, he has not released any music since 2019.

Moreover, he is rumored to have been stabbed or shot while driving on the road. Nonetheless, the UK rapper has made himself available to clarify his position to the public in his Instagram story.

However, it seems that his post and story were promptly deleted as it is no longer available to cross-check whether the rapper is dead or alive.

Rapper SLIM Real Name

Slim’s real name is not known. He is known as MC Slim, and his Instagram handle is @Slimofficial1, but the artist has not disclosed his full name.

Moreover, the artist is one of the influential underground rappers with solid potential to become mainstream. The rapper said he has been rapping since he was ten.

Besides, his rap single “Magic” was a success that garnered millions of views on Youtube, but he could not experience tangible results from his music.

Hence, lacking a better reception from his music, the artist fell into despair to fulfill his debt to his friend. He stored drugs on his property, leaving him behind bars.

Rapper SLIM Age

The artist is in his 20s. He is around 22-25 years old. MC Slim is a genuine artist with loyal fans and supporters of his accolades.

According to Plugsville, the rapper said that he did not take music seriously because he did not see tangible results in his music.

Only during 2018 and 2019 did he takes the music seriously and invest his effort and determination to release his albums.

That said, his album Still Working seems to be one of the significant hits that secured healthy reception among the fans of UK drill and grime rap music.

Why Was Rapper SLIM Jailed?

Slim was jailed for two years after he was caught with a large number of drugs on his property. The judge patiently listened to his case, where he explained the origin of drugs.

Hence, the artist got a lighter sentence after cooperating with the judge and law enforcement. Additionally, the UK rapper intends to release the songs that he did not get to release while remaining in the jail cell.

The UK rapper’s music mostly co-relates to his feelings, anger, and resentment, which translates quite well in his rap songs.