What Is BFG Straap Net Worth? 10 Facts To Know About The Rapper

The American rapper and songwriter BFG Straap had an estimated net worth of around $500,000.

BFG Straap from Dallas was active in the music industry for at least three years as his earliest record of music release dates back to 2019. With over 30 different songs released throughout his career, the local artist was a recognized personality in the rapping scene.

Known as a growing vocalist in the nation, Straap released a few collections, including 11:11 and Straap 4 President. With rising stardom, many people followed him closely to know him better and learn more about his personal life.

Here we look at some facts about the rapper that few people might know since he rarely opened up about his personal life in the media. But before we head onto the main discussion, here are some quick facts about the artist.

Quick Facts

Real Name Antywon Dillard
Known As BFG Straap
Age 22
Net Worth $500,000 (approx.)
Relationship Status Single
Hometown Dallas, United States
Instagram @bfgstraap
YouTube BFG Straap
Twitter @BFGstraap

What Is BFG Straap Net Worth?

BFG Straap had an estimated net worth of around $500,000, based on his career work and ventures.

He has been active in the industry for around three years since he released his debut project in 2019. In this short time, he dropped over 30 musical pieces and shared the working stage with some big names, such as the Grammy-nominated producer Jetson Made, per his website bio.

Hence, his primary source of revenue was his musical career, but the artist also made a decent amount of money from other ventures and endorsement works. Compiling these details, we expect him to have had at least a few hundred thousand at his disposal even though the official valuation remains pending.

10 Facts To Know About BFG Straap

  1. BFG Straap was 22 years old. He was born on January 7, 2000, in Dallas, Texas. He sadly passed away.
  2. His real name is Antywon Dillard. The rapper used the stage name BFG Straap to build his brand as a rapper and keep his professional life separate from the private.
  3. Straap rose to prominence in 2019 with the release of STRAAP A MANIAC, which consisted of hit singles Las VegasSurgery, and Focus.
  4. His passion for music started after seeing a close relative who one day aspired to become a mega solo artist. Envisioning that aspiration, BFG developed a similar passion in himself, according to his website.
  5. He had a partnership distribution deal with Take Flight Records LLC to promote his next big release.
  6. The rapper had a YouTube channel with 33 music videos, two of which have grossed over 500 thousand views. The channel has over 10,700 subscribers at the moment.
  7. He was active on Instagram under the username @bfgstraap, but the account is currently unavailable. Besides, his Twitter and Facebook accounts are still accessible.
  8. The artist was thought single since there are no details of his love life on the internet.
  9. You can stream his songs on various platforms, such as Spotify, where his music has grossed over 4.3 million streams.
  10. Although his rise in the sector was prominent, the artist was yet to reach the height of stardom. Thus, there is no Wikipedia bio of the rapper.

Some FAQs

How Old Was BFG Straap?

BFG Straap was 22 years old.

Where Was BFG Straap From?

BFG Straap was from Dallas, Texas.

What Is BFG Straap Real Name?

BFG Straap’s real name is Antywon Dillard.