What Is Meghan Crumpler Weight Loss In Pounds And How Much Does She Weigh Now?

Meghan Crumpler stated that she weighed 301 pounds at her previous checkup in the 1000-lb Best Friends episode. She is also one of the leading cast of the series of 1000-lb best friends.

Meghan Crumpler is now an American TV personality who was born in America. She is most known for her part in TLC’s new program 1000-Lb Best Friends, which is based on the popular series 1000-Lb Sisters.

In this show, she and her best friend, Vanessa, are accompanied on their weight-loss journey. Megan and her close friend Vanessa Cross will feature in the spinoff 1000-Lb Best Friends, which will chronicle their weight loss journey from the Discovery Plus show Too Large.

Meghan, who has previously been on Discovery’s Too Large, underwent bariatric surgery after realizing that she had gained nearly 500 pounds, resulting in a weight loss of more than 100 pounds. Despite having excellent post-surgery outcomes, the reality star has found it difficult to keep on track.

Meghan Crumpler Weight Loss Journey And Current Mass In Pounds

The weight loss journey of Meghan Crumpler is very inspiring to all of us. Meghan has been keeping up with her progress, but she has found it difficult. Meghan appeared to respond well to the tough love method, telling filmmakers, “I will do what it takes to never go back there.”

Meghan has published a few updates on social media, highlighting her efforts to eat more nutritiously. Meghan uploaded a video in February 2022 demonstrating some of the healthier items she has been putting into her diet.

That month, she also shared a before-and-after photo of herself, stating, “When others criticize you for not losing enough weight, you understand how far you’ve gone when you realize how far you’ve come.”