Where is Robert Walden Wife Cathy Mills Today? Evil Lives Here Takes A Closer Look At The Murderer’s Personal Life

Robert Walden’s wife was Cathy Mills, they met while Cathy was 16 years old and a single mother while Robert was 21 years old. They lived in neighboring houses when they first met. 

Robert Walden is an American murderer, serial rapist, and suspected serial killer who raped four and killed two women in Tucson, Arizona between 1989 and 1992. Walden was sentenced to death on one count and to numerous life terms for his other crimes, but after his trial, he confessed to a third murder for which he was never convicted.

His upbringing was fairly tumultuous because his father was an alcoholic who regularly changed professions and belittled him and his brothers while intoxicated. Walden claimed that he was sexually molested as a child, although this has never been proven definitively according to his Wikipedia profile.

Let us learn more about Robert Walden’s wife Cathy Mills and take a closer look at her family and children.

Where is Robert Walden Wife Cathy Mills Today?

Robert Walden’s wife Cathy Mills today is off the radar.

She maintains a low profile and has not revealed anything about her whereabouts on the internet as of now.

Cathy and Robert met in Tucson, Arizona, after Robert moved to Tucson after being discharged from United States Air Force for his heavy drinking and writing bad cheques.

The two were neighbors and hit off quickly as Cathy thought Robert was an outgoing and friendly personality. Cathy was living with her mother at that time and she disapproved of their relationship.

However, the couple dated for several months in secret before eventually getting married. Cathy had a son named Andrew at the time she got married to Robert.

Not long after, he began to physically and verbally abuse his wife, even beating her while she was pregnant with their first child. Reportedly, Walden forced her to engage in sexual acts against her will, which made her feel humiliated.

Evil Lives Here Murderer Robert Walden Family And Children

Robert Walden’s case was featured in Evil Lives Here where the show explored the life and crimes of the murderer.

He was born to a troubled family as the second of four children. His father, whose name has not come to the surface, had drinking problems.

Information about Robert’s mother has not come to the surface yet but we suspect she also had a miserable life with her husband.

Similarly, Robert gave a hard time with his wife Cathy and their children because of his behavior and criminal activities.

Information about his children has not come to the surface yet but they could be living a better life after their father was put behind bars.