Who Are The Dahm Triplets? Here Are New Interesting Details About Them

Unless you’ve become really familiar with them, telling identical twins apart can be a really difficult endeavor. It gets even harder for triplets. If you’ve never been tricked by triplets before, you’ll never know the drill. The Dahm Triplets are perhaps America’s most famous and lovable triplets. Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn Dahm got their start at prominence when they appeared on the December 1998 issue of Playboy magazine.

According to their interview, the mark that helped their parents tell them apart was that Nicole and Erica were given one and two tiny black ink dot tattoos respectively on their butts whereas Jaclyn was given none. Let’s see the incredible women they’ve grown to become and other interesting details about them.

The Dahm Triplets, Biography

Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn Dahm, better known as the Dahm triplets— were born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on December 12, 1977. Although not much is known about their early education, childhood, parents or what they did for a living, we know that their father goes by the name, Bob Dahm and that they were raised in Jordan alongside an elder sister by the name of Lisa Dahm.

We also know that when telling the babies apart became difficult, their parents chose to give them tattoos, one ink dot on the bum for Nicole the first, two for Erica the second, and none for Jaclyn who is the youngest of the three. This way, their parents were able to easily tell them apart. Growing up, they had almost everything in common; clothes, friends and the likes. They attended public schools aspiring to be nurses. After high school, they all enrolled at the University of Minnesota.

Things changed in 1998 when they were interviewed on the December 1998 issue of Playboy magazine. They were the Playmates centerfold for the Girls of the Big Ten, but they wouldn’t be the first. Five years earlier the magazine featured The Trio from Rio; The Amazing Brazilian Triplets. Although the Dahm sisters have been featured in several issues of Playboy, they only made it to the cover of Playboy Australia for the June 1999 issue.

This opened them up to several TV appearances. The trio debuted in 1999 in the situation comedy show, Boy Meets World. They also appeared on the Fox reality show Renovate My Family. a show that is quite similar to Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Together with their father, Bob, they competed in and won the reality competition show House Wars. For their prize, they kept the house they had renovated.

The Dahm triplets have equally appeared on episodes of The Doctors which ran from August 2009 to May 2010. On the show, they discuss a variety of topics ranging from female fertility to breastfeeding issues. Also, they previously ran the website, However, it was closed down in late 2004. It was later replaced by jenx3. The name stemmed from their initials. This too was only active for a short while.

They have also appeared in other internet posts, including a photo shoot by NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr for the Playboy Cyber Club’s celebrity photographer feature. Moving from that, the Dahm Triplets started a now-defunct cooking website, Triplets Gourmet. They also opened a culinary YouTube account in the same name TripletsGourmet”. In their first video in 2008, they showed a collection of recipes and talked about the importance of freezing gourmet food. So far, that’s been the only video on the site

Here are New Interesting Details About Them

1. Net Worth

As of early-2019, sources reveal that the Dahm triplets are worth $12.5 million, collectively. Much of that comes from their successful show biz career. These hardworking divas have tried their skillful hand on various projects including a food website.

2. Families and Kids

The Dahm triplets are all married and have kids. Nicole, the eldest, married Michael Kelly and together, they have a daughter, Charlize Elizabeth Kelly (b. January 14, 2010) and a son, Channing Michael Kelly (b. December 7, 2012). Erica married show host, Jay McGraw and together, they have a daughter, Avery Elizabeth McGraw (b. March 18, 2010) and a son, London Philip McGraw (b. August 31, 2011). Jaclyn the youngest married Billy Dolan and they have a daughter, Chanel Elizabeth Dolan (b. February 3, 2010) and a son, Jagger Dolan (b. November 3, 2013).

3. Height and Body Measurement

As former models, the Dahm triplets have a slim build. They all stand tall at 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) and weigh 115 lbs (52 kg) with beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. Their bust, waist, and hips measures 34-25-34. And they wear a bra size of 34C. As of this writing, their shoe and dress sizes are not known.