“Who Driving This Bus” Trend On TikTok: Meme Explained 

The sound of “Who Driving The Bus” has 307 videos to date, and it has become viral as the trend has got 359.9K views already. As the video makers say, the meme shows a hilarious impression of a “ratchet white girl on the bus,” as the video makers say. 

The biggest social media platform with 689 million users has several creative ideas. Most of the original content and songs or sounds quickly catch up with the trend, with people reposting their video with their perspectives. 

The TikTok users are followingly making the video on the sound doing a dramatic situation. Some make videos while they are in the vehicle with someone driving it. Meanwhile, some just make the impression of being on one. 

TikTok has grown its popularity by increasing the app’s users on a daily basis. Alongside the popularity, the users from the different parts of the world come up with different trends relating to their situation. 

@corasspammm #greenscreenvideo this is too funny to not post. #fyp #ratchetwhitegirl #foryou #whodrivingthisbus ♬ original sound – Corasspammm

The Origin Of ‘Who Driving This Bus’

The video first surfaced on TikTok from a user-id named @corasspammm. This particular account has 874 followers and almost 1K likes.

The account has only a few videos, among which ‘Who Driving This Bus’ went viral. It has more than 170K views and 9300 likes. 

There is a whole Reddit thread discussing this meme where people discuss how accurate the impression is. Some users are using a caption showcasing some situation on the sound. 

@korbin_dinkel38 Who driving this bus #DoTheJuJu #ShareTheMagic #fypシ ♬ original sound – Corasspammm

How To Do ‘Who Driving This Bus’ trend On TikTok?

‘Who Driving This Bus’ is the funny impression of dramatic reaction while inside a vehicle.

Most people follow the trend with a funny lipsync, while some use greenscreen to impersonate the sound of being on a bus. 

Followingly some also use a POV and put their creativity on the sound. People who want to follow this trend can make the video in whatever way they want.