Who Is Andy Penn Wife Kallie Blauhorn? Get To Know His Family As The Telstra CEO Steps Down

Andy Penn’s significant other, Kallie Blauhorn, is an individual from the NGV Women’s Association, and her better half is a legal administrator at a similar organization.

On May 1, 2015, Andy Penn was named CEO and Managing Director of Telstra, Australia’s biggest telecoms firm.

After over seven years in the position, Andy will venture down as CEO of Australia’s biggest media communications business.

Vicki Brady, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), will authoritatively take over as CEO, and the two will work intently throughout the following a half year to work with “a smooth progress.”

Meet Andy Penn Wife Kallie Blauhorn Andy Penn and Kallie Blauhorn met at Arun Abey’s “The amount Is Enough?” book send off, which Andy facilitated. The two became companions since they shared an enthusiasm for craftsmanship.

In 2016, the couple got hitched. Kallie was born in Nebraska, USA, and relocated to Australia in 2005.

Whenever she showed up in Victoria, she started gathering postcards from the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). As of now, Blauhorn fills in as an individual from the NGV Women’s Association.

The couple’s very own assortment surpasses 350 masterpieces, with 80% of them made by Australian specialists.

Among them are works by famous photographic artists, going from Robyn Stacey to Christian Thompson, Tamara Dean, Hoda Afshar, Michael Cook, and Warwick Thornton’s politically charged pictures.

Kallie Blauhorn moved on from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a four year certification in Political Science and Sociology.

Telstra CEO Net Worth At Retirement Telstra CEO Andy Penn’s total assets at the hour of retirement ought to well be more than $10 million. For the financial year finishing June 2020, his all out yearly compensation and remuneration were accounted for to be AU $5 million.

Penn’s compensation in 2019 was $3.74 million, a lessening from $5.2 million out of 2017 and $6.76 million of every 2016. Rewards and fixed compensations are remembered for his yearly compensation.

Andy likewise has Telstra stock for $7 million. Telstra Corporation Limited has a market capitalization of AU $38 billion.

Andy Penn Wikipedia: His Age Revealed Andy Penn’s life story has not been covered by Wikipedia, i.e., he has not been highlighted.

The CEO, Andy Penn, is 58 years of age. He was born on January 1, 1964, in the United Kingdom.

Andy has worked in three regions all through his 40-year vocation: media communications, monetary administrations, and transportation. He joined Telstra as Chief Financial Officer in 2012. In 2014, he added the title of Group Executive International to his resume.

Prior to joining Telstra, Penn worked for the AXA Group, one of the world’s top protection and monetary firms, for quite a long time.

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