Who Is Annie Lennox From LSO St Lukes? Here Are The Details On The BBC One Orchestra Sessions

Well, sweet dreams are made of this!

Imagine seeing an absolute diva, an angelic figure with her breathtaking vocal range sitting beside her piano, and slumber music of biggest hits striking your ear drums.

This was not a movie, but a regular scene at LSO St. Lukes where Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox performed her biggest hits and potentially performing them at higher standards than the originals she sung.

This is how time affects soul touching singers, they age alike fine wine and their voice matures like everescent vines.

Annie Lennox stole the audience’s state of mind with her presence and performance and people were fully thrilled to witness the composer sing again in sounds so sublime.

Who Is Annie Lennox, The Performer From LSO St Lukes?

Annie Lennox who performed recently at LSO St. Lukes is a composer, songwriter, singer and activist from Scotland.

She kicked off her rookie musical career with 1970s band The Tourists before forming the 1980s brilliant rock idol Eurythmics.

When the band name Eurythmics arrive, one just instantly spells out Sweet Dreams, the catchy bass beat with brilliant dark themed lyrics in melancholic yet funky tune was the hit single from the band.

“Sweet Dreams are made of this, Who Am I to disagree…” as the lyrics flow and fans can’t let go of its funky vibe, the band reached the apex of popularity pretty soon after.

Sweet Dreams later got a modification to metal and rock with Marilyn Manson covering the song and we all know how he featured the video for this hit song.

The lust and sin denoting videography plus the gore images portrayed Marilyn as both brilliant singer and better story plot developer.

Annie was born on December 25, 1954 at Aberdeen of Scotland and she is currently 67 years of age.

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Details On BBC One Orchestra Sessions

BBC One Orchestra Session was a power packed musical session with Annie Lennoz lighting the stage on fire with her voice and brilliant vibes.

The accomplished singer attended the stage with her band and 21 strings from BBC Orchestra and together the blend was like shrill of heaven, with lustre in each step of act, craft woven in delicate lyrical flow.

Annie performed both the hits from her band and her own solo musical journey.

The list included Little Bird, Here Come the Sun, Sweet Dreams, Cold and others.

Learn About Annie Lennox’s Setlist

Annie Lennox’s setlist included five of her brilliant hit songs, including Eurythmics band’s hit Sweet Dreams setting the stage on fire.

The other songs were: Little Bird, Cold, Here Come The Sun and I Love You’s.