Is Attorney Jessica Meyers The Current Lawyer Of Johnny Depp? Her Age And Wiki

Yes, Jessica Meyers is the current lawyer for the actor Johnny Depp in the famous defamation case against his former wife, Amber Heard.

Jessica has been in the legal practice for several years and is a current associate in the Massachusetts-based law firm, Brown Rudnick LLP. She is currently involved with this firm’s Litigation & Arbitration Practice Group in its New York office and has mainly been looking after the plaintiff’s side defamation suits. 

In this currently famous case of these two former celebrity couples, she got to represent the plaintiff, Depp, who filed the defamation lawsuit of $50 million against Heard for damaging his reputation and career, as per the reports Its formal trial began on the 11th of April, and the trial is ongoing in the Fairfax County circuit court in Virginia.

Meyers has been strongly representing her clients, and with her history of victory, we assume she might turn the table against the defendant in this case.

Who Is The Husband Of Jessica Meyers?

We are unable to find much about the personal details of Jessica Meyers, so the information about her husband is currently unknown.

As she is involved in a profession that seriously affects her personal life, it might be her decision not to disclose the details relating to her family, including her husband. Similarly, we cannot find her having any proper social media presence on the platforms like Instagram or others.

From this, we can deduce that she has kept quiet about her children, which makes sense given her personal preferences.

Find Jessica Meyers On Twitter And Explore Her Net Worth

Jessica Meyers does not seem to be active on social platforms like Twitter, and we believe her current net worth might be around $ 2 million – $5 million as of 2022.

Despite having a presence on social media, she does not fail to share her public opinion via the internet. She has been a bold and fierce personality since the very beginning. She began her professional career as a litigation paralegal in a popular international law firm in New York. 

During this period, her career has moved highly upward, and because of it, she has been earning quite handsomely as her success rate has also been very high.