Who Is Avery Dixon? America’s Got Talent Contestant And Musician Details, Where Is He Actually From?

Avery Dixon’s age has become the point of curiosity after the NBC talent show competition America Got Talent 2022 revealed its contestants for this season.

Avery is one of the contestants in America’s Got Talent 2022, who showcased his saxophone skills to impress judges during the audition rounds.

America’s Got Talent(AGT) is American reality television and talent competition series created by Simon Cowell, and this season’s theme is Extreme.

In this reality show, contestants perform in various genres such as Singing, Dancing, Acrobatics, Comedy, Magic, and Illusion, where contestants will showcase their talent to impress our judges during the audition rounds.

Avery Dixon’s Age: How Old Is The Saxophonist?

Avery has not revealed his age to the media.

According to the website, the saxophonist was born weighing only 1 lb 8 oz and was not expected to live due to his medical conditions.

Avary, after birth, had a condition that caused his voice to be pitchy and airy because his vocal cords do not close completely.

Avery Dixon Wikipedia Bio

Avary is the recipient of the Gospel Choice Award for Best Gospel Intrumaentalist.

The saxophonist usually performs Gospel, Jazz, R&B, and Classical genres.

The saxophonist has beaten all odds by playing the saxophone despite his voice, asthma, and other medical complications.

Dixon has been playing since 2009 and has made significant strides as an upcoming artist.

Now the musician uses those powerful lungs to serenade with an impressive talent comparable to artists twice his age.

Avery Dixon Parents: Who Is His Girlfriend?

Avary has not mentioned his parents in any of his interviews.

There is not much information about his parents on his Instagram [email protected]

The saxophonist is indeed a miracle following his Great Grandfather’s legacy, Maxwell Davis, and is his biggest inspiration.

His great grandfather, Maxwell Davis, was an American R&B saxophonist, arranger, record producer, and “Father of the West Coast R&B.

Avary has pictures with his grandmother and cousins on his Instagram account.

The saxophonist has not mentioned his love of life to the media. Therefore, we assume he is single and not dating anyone in 2022.

What Is Avery Dixon’s Nationality?

Avery belongs to American nationality.

The saxophonist received a letter from President Barack Obama congratulating him on his accomplishments and encouraging him to work hard for his community.

The saxophonist was a Youth Delegate and provided entertainment for the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference in Washington, DC.