Who Is Canceledconservative TikTok Aka Jodie Pendleton? Antivax Manager Viral Video On Twitter

A TikTok user Canceledconservative, whose real name is Jodie Pendleton, is receiving backlash for claiming he fired 46 vaccinated employees.

TikTok user, Canceledconservative, is currently trending on social media after claiming he terminated 46 of his vaccinated employees.

The said video, which is now deleted along with his TikTok account, raised many eyebrows, following which internet users from all around the place rained down negative comments on the user.

As per HITC, the user tried to clarify his point of view in a follow-up video. But, the damage was already done.

So, who is Canceledconservative and why did he fire his employees?

Who Is Canceledconservative TikTok Aka Jodie Pendleton? Wikipedia

Canceledconservative, whose real name internet sleuths discovered as Jodie Pendleton, was a district manager at Paparoni’s Pizzeria and Grill restaurant chain in South Carolina.

He is a Trump supporter and was seen wearing a beanie with President Trump’s name in one of the videos.

He claimed he is a patriot and loves his country and its constitution in his video.

Antivax Manager Viral Video On Twitter Explained

Canceledconservative aka Jodie Pendleton shared a TikTok video, saying he fired 46 vaccinated employees across four restaurants to get past the law.

According to The Daily Dot, the law says that a business with over 100 employees must have its employees vaccinated and tested weekly.

So, he decided to get his employee numbers below 100 and terminated vaccinated staff. As we mentioned above, his video was not met with positive remarks by people who are diligently following the protocols.

Following the harsh backlash, he clarified he only made the video to get his point across the world and did not fire his employees in real.

He stated he just wanted people to know how it would feel to get terminated for making a choice because that’s what happens to the unvaccinated people.

His explanation did nothing to change viewers’ minds who had already started to disparage him on Twitter and other social media platforms.

One user said the word ‘patriot’ took a different meaning and it would never be the same. Another added, ‘if you have to declare yourself to be a patriot, chances are you aren’t.’

Canceledconservative Is Fired From His Job

Canceledconservative, whose age is between 40-50, was fired from his job for posting the video.

However, he did not say anything against the restaurant owner and described him as a fellow patriot.

He also disclosed that the two had attended the January 6 riot together.