Who is Comedian Rasim Thaqi? Everything To Know About

In this article, we cover details regarding Rasim Thaqi including his Wikipedia, family, wife, and more.

Rasim Thaqi is a humorist who is best known for the role of Cima. He is well-renowned for his excellent mimicry and gesture skills.

Name Rasim Thaqi
Birthday July 12, 1949
Age 71
Gender Male
Nationality Albanian
Profession Humorist
Parents Rrustemi and Habibja
Married/Single Married
Wife Shukrije
Children Adelina, Burimi and Artani

Thaqi Net Worth

Rasim Thaqi’s actual net worth is unknown as of March of 2021.

Rasim Thaqi Nationality And Ethnicity

Rasim is of Albanian nationality and belongs to the Albanian ethnicity.

The people of this ethnicity mainly live in the Balkan Peninsula.

Rasim Thaqi Wife And Family

Rasim Thaqi’s wife is Shukrije.

Together they have three children. A daughter named Adelina and two sons named Burimi and Artani.

His daughter is a singer. His son Burimi is a student of computer science and Artani is a football player.

Rasim’s father’s name was Rrustemi and his mother was named Habibja. They had two sons and three daughters. His parents lost 5 children when they were small.

Rasim also had a dog named Pino who he loves dearly.

Rasim Thaqi Wikipedia

Rasim Thaqi has a Wikipedia bio dedicated to him. However, the bio consists of barely any information about him.

Rasim Thaqi was born on the day of July 12 of 1947 in Llapushnik, Drenica. He is currently 71 years old by age.

He grew up in the countryside and found the cities boring. He stayed in Vukovc till he was 9 years old and acquired his primary education from Komoran.

Later, he moved to Prishtina with his family. He hated maths but completed high school education specializing in construction.

His father wanted him to become a civil engineer but he opted to do physical education instead. Rasim loved playing football. After graduating, he played football alongside being a teacher.

During the 90s, he started doing humor and recorded some tapes which he directed and wrote.