Who Is Donna Moonda? Damian Bradford Lover Update Now As He Gets Arrested Again For Shooting

Who Is Donna Moonda? Damian Bradford Girlfriend

Donna Moonda from Mercer County was the wife of Dr. Gulam H. Moonda. They had significant age differences between them, however, there was no sign of tension between them due to their age difference.

The couple seemed happily married and were living in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. Gulam is said to take care of Donna to great extent. He used to gift her and even took care of her high education expenses.

While she was married she was accused of stealing drugs from the hospital, Gulam pleaded excuse and Donna was off with probation and ask for rehab. Donna met her boyfriend, Damian Bradford in rehab and soon started having an affair with him.

She realized that she wanted to live together with Damian so, her deadly plan to murder her husband was plotted. Donna and her boyfriend Damian wanted the murder to be like a highway robbery and planned accordingly.

Donna, her mother, and Ghulam were traveling along the Ohio Turnpike on 13 May 2005. When they stopped for an emergency, a dark van came across and shot Ghulam. He died on the spot.

Where Is Donna Moonda Now?

Donna Moonda was sentenced in September 2007 to a lifetime. She was convicted of theft while her new crime was discovered. Donna stole narcotics from the hospital while she was employed there. She then was convicted of murder for hire. 

She is still in Federal Correctional Insitute, Tallahassee in Tallahassee, Florida. She was sentenced to 30 years in prison which was scheduled to be five years of supervised release. She promised her boyfriend Damian that she would give him half of the inheritance from her husband. 

The inheritance was estimated to be $ 3 million to $ 6 million. Donna denied the involvement of Damian in the shooting, but she denied testifying in his trial. Later he testified against Donna. Their plan failed to an extreme level.

What Did Donna Moonda Boyfriend Do? – Damian Bradford Arrested

Donna Moonda’s boyfriend was convicted of Donna’s husband’s murder that happened 17 years ago. He was accused of shooting a state police trooper in the city. He fell into commotion with the officer after midnight in the Franklin Mini Mart. 

Donna’s boyfriend is 41 years of age from Pittsburgh said to shoot the police in the lower extremities. The condition of the police is not known as of now, however, he will be charged with attempted homicide.

He was in prison for about 15 years in connection to Mr. Moonda’s murder back in 2005 of May on the Ohio Turnpike. The case got everyone’s attention when Donna’s involvement came forward in the murder.