Who Is Greg Rutherford Wife Susie Verrill? Her Wikipedia Bio And Children With Athlete Hubby

Susie Verrill is a well-known social media influencer and the wife of British track and field athlete Greg Rutherford.

Me and My milo is the website Susie created when she could not relate to other websites on parenting.

Let’s find out more about the wife of Greg Rutherford, Susie Verrill, her age, and her children.

Who Is Greg Rutherford’s Wife Susie Verrill? Wikipedia

Susie Verrill is a renowned influencer and blogger who shares her thoughts on motherhood in her blog. Susie has been married to Greg Rutherford, another famous personality whom she met in 2012. The first encounter between Susie and Greg was in London after London Olympics through a mutual friend.

They were enamored with each other and quickly started dating. The couple announced their engagement news through Susie’s Instagram account on 10 May 2019. She is the mother of three lovely children; two boys and a girl.

Susie has been working as a journalist, and social media manager, so she is not new in the blogging field. Not long after working for various magazines as social media and feature editor, She took a step to create her blog, which has received a large fan following in a short time.

Susie uses her past working experiences to create appealing blogs on her site. The primary reason that pushed her to create her website was her husband’s travel schedule and her son Milo. She formerly worked as a freelancer for publications, including NUTS and LOOK. As she wanted to remain with her husband during his travel, working independently and as a freelancer gave her the freedom she needed. In July 2015, she released her first blog, ‘So Now I’m Vlogging…’.

Susie is a multitalented woman who balances her roles as a mother, social media manager, and blogger at My Milo & Me.

Susie Verrill’s Age: How Old Is She?

Susie Verrill was born on April 3, 1988, in England. She is one of the successful social media influencers at the age of 34.

She engages in various clothing brands and beauty products and has an immense interest in fashion. She uses multiple platforms to connect with people and shares her life experiences.

She has also captured her candid journey through pregnancy and motherhood on her social sites to give insights and a raw feel to people about how pregnancy and motherhood work and all about its in-and-out. Her followers are also impressed by her authenticity and positive vibes on Instagram.

Susie Verrill’s Children

Susie Verrill began her motherhood journey in her early twenties with the arrival of her first child with an Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford.

She is now the mother of her three adorable children. Milo is seven, while Rex is four years old. She gave birth to her youngest daughter around April 2021.

Verrill expressed that though she enjoyed her career, she was never a career woman. When asked about what she wanted to be in the future as a kid, her reply would always be a mom.

She enjoys her motherhood journey and claims one of the fascinating things to observe is someone else’s experience. Her ultimate favorite part about being a mother is observing how much love your children want to show you and how they can find joy in the tiniest of things.