Who Is Hanhuts Twitch? Everything You Need To Know

Hannah Huts is also known as Hanhuts, is an American online figure who is getting the spotlight after her interesting rap goes out on Reddit. Basically, Hanhuts is a Twitch streamer and Instagram model.

Additionally, Hanhuts is quite a star on Instagram for her radiant and jaw-dropping posts. She also states herself as a Spiritual guru and a gamer. Being a Twitch streamer, Hanhuts is not streaming on her Twitch recently. Although, she has1.9k followers on her Twitch. We can not see any of her videos on Twitch.

Quick Facts: Who Is Hanhuts Twitch? Everything You Need To Know

Name Hanhuts
Age 20
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Online Celebrity
Instagram @hanhuts
Twitter @hannah_huts

10 Facts About Hanhuts

  1. Seemingly, Hanhuts is also popular on Instagram. We can see Hanhuts will a good amount of followers up to 5.8k counted. She is active under the username @hanhuts.
  2. While revealing her education, she is a Poli Sci major at UC Berkeley.
  3. As seen on her recent Instagram post, Hanhuts is currently 20 years of age. But, we’re unknown when she celebrates her birthday.
  4. Hanhuts is a native of the United States. She is currently residing in Denver, CO. Thus, she belongs to an American nationality.
  5. Thus far, we’re unable to visualize Hanhuts’s bio on the official page of Wikipedia. However, she is available on
  6. Besides her Instagram, Hannah is also active on Twitter since November 2014. As of now, she has just 722 followers and 53 followings.
  7. Basically, she is prominently known as Hanhuts online, but her real name is Hannah Huts which is a quite beautiful name.
  8. While discussing Hanhuts’s net worth, there is no reliable information in any trusted sites about her net worth. But, we believe she has a luxurious life through her online earnings.
  9. There are no records about her boyfriend or dating life as she has not revealed in the public domain. Thus, we’re unknown about her relationship status.
  10. Recently, Hanhuts interesting rap is getting popularity on Reddit. You can see Hasan “Hasanabi” piker Reddit video where her video is getting viral.