The Tower: Harriet Webb Age And Wikipedia 

Harriet Webb is an actress from a tiny village in the North West of England. She was born n22 of Nobemer, 1886. At present, she is 34 years of age.

As a child, she loved to watch comedies. She spends hours and hours in front of the television watching Only Fools and Heroes.

The lady even admitted to acting out a few of the scenes in front of her relatives.

When she was in school, she got inspired by her drama teacher, who helped her fall in love with art.

Before joining the industry, she tried her hand as a teaching assistant and hosted for restaurants.

Who Is The Family Of Harriet Webb? Is She Married?

Harriet Webb is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend of many years, Richard Popple.

According to Instagram, he is a woodworker and loves all things wood.

The couple made things official in 2019 when the two posted a picture in each other’s arms.

Moreover, Richard is a private man, so we would hope to respect his need for privacy.

Is Harriet Webb On Instagram

Harriet Webb is available on Instagram as hazwebb. Here she has a following of 1k people.

In the bo, she writes that she is not really on the platform. What the actress means is that she prefers to live her life beyond the screen.

Her personality is reflected through as posts as she films herself roaming the beauty of the world.

Moreover, she never backs down to promote the work and posts snippets of her acting skills.

Harriet Webb Net Worth Explored: How Rich Is She?

As of 2021, the net worth of Harriet Webb is still under review. We estimate it to be in the thousands.

She makes her living by working as a professional actress.

According to her IMDb page, she has a total of 26 acting credits.

She made her debut in the industry when she got a small gig in the 2008 movie Florence Nightingale. 

Throughout the decades, she has portrayed the character of Sunbed Tina in Edge of Heaven, Maureen in White Gold, Lisa in Scarborough, Claire in Waiting, and Ali n The Split.

Moreover, her most renowned role is the 2021 mini-series The Tower.