Who Is Helen Grant’s Son Ben Grant? Royal Marine Destroyed In Ukraine

After witnessing a family being bombed inside their home, a Conservative’s son has gone to Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion.

Ben Grant, 30, a former Royal Marines commando who served for more than five years, said he hadn’t told his mother, Helen Grant, a former Government minister, that he was traveling to Ukraine.

He told reporters in Lviv that he had traveled there after witnessing footage of a Russian raid on a residence where a child was heard screaming.

Who Is Helen Grant’s Son Ben Grant?

Helen Grant is a Member of Parliament representing Kent’s Maidstone and the Weald, is the father of Ben Grant, a former Royal Marine.

A group of British ex-servicemen has joined the war in Ukraine, including the son of a Conservative MP.

The 30-year-old served in the Royal Marines for more than five years as a commando, and is one of seven ex-servicemen who joined the country’s armed forces in Kyiv on Saturday, March 5.

Boris Johnson’s mother, a former minister for sport and tourism, is his special envoy for girls’ education.

Mr. Grant stated that he decided to travel to Ukraine after witnessing footage of a house being bombed and children wailing. He believes that additional ex-servicemen from the United Kingdom will join.

The chief of the defense staff, on the other hand, warned Britons not to travel to Ukraine.

He stated that he is aware that the Russian army violates the Geneva Convention by shooting journalists and civilians. He said that he would sooner commit suicide than be imprisoned.

Royal Marine Blowed Up In Ukraine Video On Twitter

Helen Grant is among a squad of UK and US fighters spotted battling Russian forces during a heated firefight.

During a ferocious battle in Ukraine, a former Royal Marine, and son of an MP was recorded leading a team of British and US soldiers in a mission to destroy a Russian armored vehicle.

He has authenticated footage of a squad of Western volunteers, made up of former special forces, poised to attack a BTR from a woodland on the frontline in the country’s northeast.

It was filmed during a 15-hour mission on Thursday, during which roughly eight Russian soldiers were killed, with another 30 killed in a shootout when the team of 13 US and British fighters subsequently joined up with Ukrainian forces to storm a trench.

During the mission, one fighter emerges from the woods. It fires a Matador anti-tank missile from his shoulder towards the BTR, which is visible in a clearing approximately 100 meters distant.

Before the missile is released, Mr. Grant, who spent more than five years as a commando in the Royal Marines, is heard yelling “shoot it immediately” and “remember the back explosion.”