Who Is JakeO On American Song Contest? Wikipedia Age And Instagram Bio Explored

‘Feel Your Love’ heating the atmosphere of the American Song Contest. Meet the singer Jake’O and learn his age, bio, and other particulars. 

Following the first episode of the state-vs-state singing championship American Song Contest, we finally caught the Wisconsin artist Jake’O hitting the stage with his original ‘Feel Your Love’ with the jaw-dropping guitar solo.

American Song Contest, similar to Eurovision Song Contest is an eight-week competition where 56 vocalists represent each U.S. state.

Along with renowned singers like Jewel representing Alaska, Michael Bolton from Connecticut, and Macy Gray from Ohio, many lesser-known talents will also show their participation.

Given that the first episode has already reached the screens of audiences, the willingness to learn about the Wisconsin artist has grown.

So, here is what we know about Jake’O.

Who Is JakeO On American Song Contest?

Jake’O is an American vocalist, guitarist, performer, and entertainer from Plain, Wisconsin.

As a musician, he is the founder of ‘Nuvo-Retro, a new genre he came up with.

According to him, it is the use of his soulful vibrato voice, reverberating mile-wide guitar tone, electric showmanship, and signature vintage blue brand.

You will be surprised to know that, besides creating music, he was doing three other jobs while joining American Song Contest.

He worked as a cheese packer, worked at a cemetery, and tavern as a ground’s keeper.

JakeO On Wikipedia

Jake’O is not an established name in the industry. Hence, you can easily guess his presence on Wikipedia.

Otherwise, you can still get him on several other websites, one being his personal website

Further, you can also get him on his social media, where he shares most about music and personal life.

JakeO Age-How Old Is The American Song Contest Contestant?

Jake’O’s age is yet to come out. However, he seems in his late 20s.

Although he resides in Plain, WI, his hometown is Loreto Ridge, WI.

The artist first realized his love for music at an early age after his older brother bought an electric guitar. He was only 11 when he found himself gravitating towards the instrument.

And at 15, he made his hobby his career when he started performing at bars and busking on the streets.

JakeO Instagram Bio Explored

Jake’O is accessible on Instagram under the username @jakeomusic with a few thousand followers.

More than two-thirds of his social media is filled up with his area of interest, music. And the rest is covered with his friends and loved ones.

You can also target him on Twitter, TikTok, and such via the links on his website.