Who Is Jonathan Douglas Sapirman? Indiana Mall Shooter And Victims Identified

The gunman suspected of killing three and injuring two at the Greenwood Mall in Indiana has been named Jonathan Sapirman.

According to Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison, there were three fatalities in addition to the shooter and two other injuries. According to officials, two victims were a husband and wife who were 56 and 37 years old. A 30-year-old male was the third person.

In reducing the number of casualties from the shooting spree, which lasted two minutes from when the gunman opened fire until he was dead, Ison said the Good Samaritan’s actions were “nothing short of heroic.”

Who Is Greenwood Park Mall Shooter Jonathan Douglas Sapirman?

The shooter, Jonathan Douglas Sapirman, 20, of Greenwood, was named by the police. Police stated the shooter, Douglas, had a firearm and multiple magazines of ammo during a press conference on Sunday. Beyond the fact that it was a long gun, the sort of weapon was not specified.

According to the police, Sapirman entered the mall on July 17 at 4:54 p.m. He went to the restroom immediately and spent an hour and twenty minutes there. His cell phone was discovered in the bathroom’s toilet, submerged.

Sapirman shot and murdered Gomez as he was exiting the restroom. Sapirman then opened fire into the food court, murdering the Pinedas with his bullets. He continued to shoot into the food court area, striking a 12-year-old girl with a bullet fragment and injuring another person.

Elisjsha Dicken, an armed onlooker, opened fire on Sapirman at 5:57 p.m. Sapirman attempted to flee into the restroom but collapsed and passed away after being hit by ten shots fired by Dicken.

According to investigators, Dicken had no prior military or police experience. He had no authorization and was carried by the new Constitutional Carry statute.

Greenwood Park Shooting Victims Details

There were five victims on Sunday night. The incident resulted in three deaths and two injuries. A 12-year-old girl was the youngest victim and only had a minor wound. Ison claimed that following the incident, she returned home with her parents and informed them of a scratch on her back.

After calling the police, the girl was taken to a local hospital, but her dad expected her to be fine.

According to the Johnson County Coroner’s Office, one woman and three males were among the four fatally shot early on Monday. Among the victims was the attacker. Eskenazi Hospital declared the woman dead, St. Francis Hospital declared one man dead, and Greenwood Mall declared two males dead. An autopsy is forthcoming.

Following the shooting at the suspect’s home, Polo Run Apartments at 800 Kings Mill Road, about a mile west of the mall, FBI authorities stated on Monday that they helped Greenwood police carry out a search warrant.

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How The Greenwood Park Shooting Incident Took Place?

According to Greenwood PD, there is currently no knowledge of the shooting’s motivation. According to the police, Sapirman has no history of mental illness. He had a runaway incident and a brawl at school on his juvenile record. 

Before the mass shooting, Sapirman was reportedly shooting at a nearby gun range, according to those who knew him.

The Polo Run Apartments residence was searched early on Monday, according to 13News, about the shooter. The police discovered a laptop and a can of butane inside the oven, which was on and at a high temperature.

Twenty gunshots were heard in the food court, according to witnesses who were inside the mall when the incident and spoke to 13News reporter Logan Gay. According to an IMPD spokesman, only the food court area was the target of gunfire.

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