Who Is Karina Mazzocco Esposa Omar El Bacha? Meet Her Hijos Malek

Renowned Argentine television host Karina Mazzocco has been together with her partner for nearly two decades. But who is Karina Mazzocco esposa (partner)?

Karina Mazzocco is a household name in the Argentine showbiz industry. The Aires native began her career as a model in an advertising company.

With her career spanning over two and half decades, the gorgeous lady has marked her name as a model, actress, and television host.

In addition to enormous success, Mazzocco has garnered insane fame throughout her career. The actress doesn’t only enjoy a glorious professional career but also happy personal life. The model has a loving partner with whom she shares a child.

Who Is Karina Mazzocco Esposa (Partner) Omar El Bacha?

Karina Mazzocco has been in a loving relationship with her partner Omar El Bacha for nearly two decades.

As of 2023, the smitten pair have been together for 18 years. They are blessed with an adorable child.

Omar El Bacha is an Argentine car racer. According to his profile on Driver Database, the famous car racer was born on 29 July 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As of 2023, Omar is 52 years old. On the other hand, the actress was born on 19 October 1970, making her 52 years old. Thus, the smitten couple doesn’t have much age difference, i.e., only nine months.

Moreover, Omar must have achieved remarkable success in his racing career, though not many details are available related to his professional career. It has been reported that Karina’s partner is a millionaire.

Besides his car racing career, Omar El Bacha appeared in the 2011 television series Sábado Bus. He got featured in one episode of the hit show, which ran from 1999 to 2011.

It is unclear if Omar is still active in racing. Regardless, he must be having a wonderful time. Let’s hope we will get to know more about the model’s partner’s profession soon in the coming days.

Karina Mazzocco And Omar El Bacha Love Story: Meet Their Only Child, Malek

As already mentioned, Karina Mazzocco has been in a relationship with Omar El Bacha for nearly two decades. The adorable pair crossed paths at a supermarket.

They ran into one another in the greengrocer’s area. “We looked at each other, and I liked it,” said Mazzocco. But both of them continued with their purchases.

When Mazzocco was exiting the store and about to get to her car to load her goods, someone offered help to load them, and it was Omar. “Do you need me to help you load everything?” asked the popular racer.

Of course, Mazzocco accepted the help, talked for about five minutes and returned home. Now, you must be wondering how the pair kept in touch. There is a surprise in the story.

After Karina left the supermarket, Omar followed her car and found her address. Afterward, the racer began sending flowers and chocolates to her.

The gorgeous model thanked Omar for everything but clarified that she would not give her phone number. The motorist did something interesting again.

One day, he sent Arabic sweets and a box, where there was a cell phone with only his number in the contact list. That was the beginning of everything.

Karina and Omar began dating in 2005. Shortly after, the lovebirds welcomed their first and only child Malek in November 2006.

Mazzocco was formerly married to Ignacio Fonda for a few years.

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