Who Is Mark Winger Wife Donnah Winger And What Happened To Her?

Mark Winger’s wife Donnah Winger is the woman who got killed by her own husband and the details are all set to unravel in the upcoming episode of 20/20.

Since its debut in 1978, ABC’s ’20/20′ has been spotlighting the facts of true-crime stories, whether it’s murders, kidnappings, or disappearances.

However, it is the in-depth interviews with persons engaged in the case that keep us interested in these investigative pieces. So it’s no surprise that its most recent two-hour event special episode, which details the perplexing 1995 murder of Donnah Brown Winger, is no exception.

Who Is Donnah Winger? Mark Winger Wife

Donnah Ellen Brown was born in Florida on November 10th, 1963. Donnah was the middle child of three sisters. She was attractive, intelligent, and accomplished in her job as an operating room technician.

She met nuclear engineer Mark Winger and married him at a traditional Jewish wedding in 1989. Mark found a job in Springfield, Illinois, shortly after they married, and the pair relocated to the state capital. Donnah accepted a position at Springfield’s Memorial Hospital.

Donnah and Mark appeared to be the picture of perfection. They were prosperous and lived in a lovely home in a lovely neighborhood. They both desired a child but were heartbroken to find that Donnah was unable to conceive.

They welcomed Bailey Elizabeth Winger into their family in June of 1995. Donnah, Mark, and their entire extended family were ecstatic with the arrival of the new family member.

Donnah Winger’s Relationship With Roger Harrington

Roger Harrington, a shuttle driver, drove Donnah Winger from St. Louis International Airport to her house in Springfield. The Wingers then filed a complaint with Harrington’s company, alleging that throughout the journey, Harrington gave Donnah a hard time by talking about getting high and having orgies.

Six days later, Mark Winger contacted 911 to report that he had shot Harrington after he assaulted Donnah in their house with a hammer. The police first suspected Harrington of breaking into the Wingers’ house and assaulting Donnah in reprisal for their complaint to Harrington’s boss.

Winger, on the other hand, grew suspicion from investigators because he continued to inquire about the case after it had been closed.