Who Is Michael Slater Wife Jo Slater? Know Everything About The Celebrity Spouse

Former cricketer Michael Slater, married to his wife Jo Slater, has been arrested for charges relating to domestic violence.

Jo Slater is the wife of the former Australian professional cricketer Michael Slater.

Michael was arrested recently for charges relating to domestic violence after the claims of such activities were reported to the police.

DailyMail reports that the former athlete was taken to the Manly Police station after the officials handcuffed him at his house, although no charges have been filed yet.

Following the news, the attention has quickly shifted towards Michael’s wife Jo Slater who people think might be the victim of the violence.

Hence, here we take a look at the available information about Jo Slater, the wife of the former cricket professional.

Who Is Michael Slater Wife Jo Slater?

Best known as the wife of the former cricketer Michael Slater, Jo Slater is a yoga teacher by profession.

Michael and his wife Jo have been together for well over a decade now after the couple is believed to have tied the knot towards the late 2000s.

Republic World while addressing their love story has revealed that Michael met Jo in 2005 and his now-wife helped the cricketer ease off his depression.

Eventually, they formed a strong connection and officially started dating in the same year.

Followed by a couple of years of dating and staying together, Michael and Jo married and were believed to be living happily.

However, the recent news of domestic violence has emerged some speculations among the public.

How Old Is Jo Slater?

The wife of Michael Slater, Jo Slater’s age seems to be around 45-55 years old, based on her appearance.

Unfortunately, the woman has always opted to stay far from the media coverage which is the reason for the lack of knowledge about her actual age and birthdate.

However, considering her husband Michael is 51 years old and since both of them seem to be in a similar age range, we can expect Jo to be in her late forties to early fifties.

Nevertheless, her exact age is still a thing of mystery to the outsiders.

What Is Jo Slater Net Worth?

Working as a yoga teacher, Jo Slater might have accumulated a decent amount of net worth around $100k- $1 million.

Apparently, the above-mentioned figure is only an estimated value since the official sources have not yet confirmed the actual net worth value of the celebrity spouse.

On the other hand, Jo’s husband Michael is reported to have an approximated net worth of around $7 million as per Republic World.

How Many Kids does Jo Slater Have?

Jo Slater has three children with her husband Michael Slater.

The cricketer Michael has often mentioned his kids and has also shared a couple of pictures of them.

However, the names of Michael and Jo’s children are not disclosed to the outsiders and thus remain unknown.

Is Jo Slater Avalaible On Instagram?

No. Michael Slater’s wife Jo Slater cannot be found on Instagram at the moment.

Jo has always stayed pretty far from social media and cannot be found on Michael’s Instagram photos as well.

In fact, both the husband and wife have tried to maintain close privacy about their personal matter as the former cricketer and commentator also doesn’t share many family photos.