Who Is Ntuthuko Ntokozo Shoba? What Happened To Tshegofatso Pule Killer?

Who Is Ntuthuko Ntokozo Shoba? Tshegofatso Pule Killer

Tshegofatso Pule’s killer Ntuthuko Ntokozo Shoba was her ex-boyfriend. 

Pule was also eight months pregnant with Shoba’s child at the time of her death. 

Shoba is reported to be a married man and wanted to kill Pune so that his wife does not know about the pregnancy and would not leave him. Ntuthuko’s wife had recently received a trust fund pay-out according to BBC. 

Ntuthuko worked as a Forex trader in South Africa and holds South African citizenship and nationality. 

While much about his personal life has not come to the surface he is now facing what he feared the most, losing his wife and all the trust fund pay-out she had received. 

Similarly, information about the name of his wife and if they had any children of their own has not come to the surface yet. He will remain behind the bars for rest of his life. 

What Happened To Ntuthuko Ntokozo Shoba? Update Now

Nthuthuko Ntokozo Shoba has been sentenced to life imprisonment recently. 

According to Sunday World, he was scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday but a heated pre-sentencing argument compelled the sentencing to be postponed. 

Shoba’s sentence was handed by Acting Judge Stuart Wilson at the Joburg High Court on Friday, he said, Shoba’s circumstance is unique because he was the main organizer of the offensive. With or without Malephane, Shoba would have continued his search for a means to murder Pule.

He added, that Shoba did not merit the mercy shown to Muzikayise Malephane, his hitman, who is presently serving a 20-year sentence and would spend the rest of his natural life behind bars. 

Ntuthuko had denied Pule’s murder during his trial, he pleaded not guilty to the charges he was facing until he was convicted. 

Information about where he has been jailed and will be kept for the rest of his life has not come to the surface yet, he will likely be kept in some state prison in South Africa. 

Meet Nthuthuko Ntokozo Shoba On Facebook

Nthuthuko Ntokozo Shoba’s verified Facebook profile is not available yet. 

However, he is trending on the social media platform after he was handed a life prison sentence recently. 

People are sharing the news on their walls and cheering after Tshegofatso Pule’s killer was finally convicted and sentenced for his crime, people also believe this will send a lesson to anyone committing domestic violence. 

They are also celebrating after Pule finally got justice, she was murdered because Shoba got her pregnant and did not want his wife to find out about her pregnancy.