Who Is Nurse Nicole L. Linton Boyfriend? Woman Arrested For Causing La Brea Accident After Her Lover Fight

Nicole Linton, a nurse from Texas, had a fight with her boyfriend and rammed into the red light causing huge accident in La Brea.

She has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and gross negligence.

Nicole was a Houston nurse in the Los Angeles area who had reportedly argued with her boyfriend before getting in her vehicle. She was face-timing with her boyfriend while driving.

Her slight negligence has created such a disastrous incident, and her boyfriend was definitely not worth the six lives lost; however, the name of her boyfriend is not revealed yet.

Who Is Nicole Linton Boyfriend? La Brea Driver Accident Cause

The dreadful incident occurred in California that Nicole Lorraine Linton caused while she was fighting with her boyfriend while driving.

Although the name of his boyfriend does not make public yet, it is reported that she was arguing with her boyfriend at the time of the accident. She did not notice the red light and crashed with another vehicle, which took the lives of six people.

Nicole, who was herself a driver of her vehicle, was driving over 100 miles per hour before she crashed into them. Fortunately, she is alive, but millions of people blame her for such a horrible crime. Obviously, her boyfriend was definitely not worth the six lives lost and many people injured in that crash.

ICU Nurse Driver Nicole Linton Arrested, Mugshot And Facebook Photo

The 37-year-old ICU Nurse was arrested in charge of killing six people and injuring many people at the La Brea-Slauson intersection in West Los Angeles.

Even though, she survived the horrible accident; she was apprehended with gross negligence on the grounds of vehicular manslaughter. She is currently having treatment at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center with “moderate” injuries.

Video of the accident was captured at nearby gas stations, which made the headline recently. As per the statement of witnesses at the horrifying scene, Veronica Esquivel, the child grounded near him because of the collision.

Veronica held the child with her hands but he had already left this world. She was shattered by this incident and said the culprit needed to be punished.

The family of Ashley Ryan is mourning her sudden death along with her 11-month-old son Alonzo, unborn son Armani, and her boyfriend, Reynold Leste. Ashley was on her way to a parental checkup but never returned home from Ryan’s sister, Govern kero said.

Nurse Nicole L. Linton Family And Linkedin

Nurse Nicole L. Linton belongs to Texas but currently working in Los Angeles and her parent’s details are still to be shared with the public.

The California Highway Patrol said 37 years old Nicole Lorraine Linton sustained moderate injury and was kept in custody. The profession of nurse is referred to as a god-gifted profession. They devoted their life to saving millions of people’s lives.

However, being a nurse, Nicole caused a catastrophic collision in California, and her stupidity took out the lives of six people who were unaware of their vicious death.

The high-speed collision happened at the intersection of Slauson and La Brea Avenues at about 2:00 p.m, which was captured by a security camera and later circulated all over the web.

Her Linkedin bo states that she has been working as a travel ICU nurse and a person being in such emergency care doing such negligence is far from tolerable as per common people.

Further investigation on this case will be carried out to reveal more detail about the victim and the culprit.