Who Is Quick Flip Vino? Man Arrested For Trying To Threaten Charleston White

Quick Flip Vino from Atlanta’s threat video went viral. It is inappropriate how he used social media for such illegal behavior.

Charleston White got arrested when he was a teenager and sentenced to 12 years in jail. However, after learning the lifetime lesson, he is spending his life setting an example for kids and people in jail. He is a motivational speaker.

Despite his inspiring character, he seems to be not liked by everyone. The threat he got from Quick Flip shows he could be in danger as he earns people who can go beyond the legal aspect. He must remain safe not to face any unexpected attacks.

Arrested: Who Is Quick Flip Vino From Atlanta?

Quick Flip Vino, the rapper from Atlanta got arrested for threatening another rapper. Usually, rappers seem to be rough people. They are often associated with narcotics and bear many enemies that there is much news of rappers breaking out.

Quick Flip after threatening White got arrested. He went live to threaten White and warn him not to enter Atlanta. His misconduct is cybercrime. The usages of the internet, people are using for both good and bad purposes.

You can watch Quick Flip threatening White on the link here. However, what made the Atlanta rapper so furious with White has not been known.

Learn About Quick Flip Vino Getting Charleston White Threatening

Quick Flip Vino went live to threaten social media influencer Charleston White. Since he went live both the rapper and Youtuber are on highlight. Soon after he posted the threat video, he got arrested.

He wanted to ban White from Atlanta. His arrest was fair enough for him to get arrested. But, then White went live showing his happiness for locking up Quick Flip.

It would be better if both of them get to patch up the issue between them. We hope nothing serious happens after Quick Flip is out of the bar. The grudges will only destroy people. Some of the netizens suspect that Quick Flip is associated with Soulja Boy who got into fight with White.

Know Quick Flip Vino Age – His Instagram

Quick Flip Vino’s age is now known. However, he seems to be in his early forties. On the other hand, Charleston White is having his Instagram account with the username @therealcharlestonwhite. He has 28.6K followers.

After Quick Flip got arrested, White live and cheering that he got Quick Flip locked up. We hope they do not promote such an online war. You can see the video on the link here. White is 52 years of age.

Here Is Quick Flip Vino Twitter News

There is news on Quick Flip Vino on Twitter. His arrest news is all over Twitter. There were many cases of arrest while using social media for the wrong purposes. Quick Flip’s video went viral, and netizens started commenting on the same on Twitter.

It is strange how Quick Flip did that as he must have been aware of the laws and known the circumstances his act could create. Or probably, he was keeping so much hatred that he even didn’t care whether he would be behind the bar.