Who Is Raheem Ramsarran Arrested For Punching A 9 Year Old? Neil Johnson Helped Catch The Assailant

Raheem Ramsarran, 27 years old adult was arrested for doing the illogical thing of punching a nine-year-old kid. Who is he and why did he do it?

Raheem Ramsarran is a resident of Manhattan, New York.

This ordinary man has managed to garner public attention following the assault on a little tourist girl as per Daily Mail.

Did Raheem Ramsarran get arrested for publicly assaulting a girl physically? Let’s take a look below in the article.

Arrested: Who Is Raheem Ramsarran That Punched A 9 Year Old Kid?

Raheem Ramsarran is a 27-year-old man who punched a young 9-year-old kid on 21 March 2022.

No, he has not been arrested though he is detained in the police station. In fact, Raheem is described as an emotionally disturbed thug or crazy man by the news media.

The assaulted victim was a young tourist girl who was allegedly hit without reason on the left side of the head when she was on her way with her  Yelena Contreras Molerio to visit the Big Apple in New York while walking near Central Park.

From The New York Post, we learned that Raheem is currently in custody and the inquiry process is still ongoing. It is reportedly found that the assaulter has not revealed the real reason for hitting the tourist girl. But, this incident has more or less placed a psychological trauma on the young girl, who was punched for nothing.

As per the reports, after being detained by the police and having no way to flee, he started calling the cops.

Who Is Neil Johnson Helped Catch Raheem Ramsarran?

Neil Johnson, an employee at The Plaza Hotel, helped catch Raheem Ramsarran and stopped him on time from making any more messes.

The 60-year-old Neil was at his job as a doorman at the famous luxury hotel when he suddenly heard the sound of yelling and all. Suspecting something wrong, he ran to the scene to help and saw the woman crying and running away from Raheem whereas Raheem was chasing the mother and daughter pair. Thus, Johnson came between the girl and the “crazy guy” Ramsarran and saved the day.

Neil, who has worked at the Plaza Hotel for 24 years, told that he had not witnessed anything disturbing like this incident before and felt sorry for the young girl.

And, for his bravery and courageous move of saving the girl from Ramsarran, people have even started considering him as a hero.