Who Is Raphael Rogoff? Age Wikipedia And Instagram Bio – Cherie Gil Son

Raphael Rogoff is the loving son of Filipino actress Cherie Gil, a FAMAS Award winner, and a Hall of Famer at the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Sadly, the renowned actress passed away on August 5, 2022, after a courageous batter with cancer. Annabelle Rama, a Filipino actress and talent manager, shared the sad news via Twitter on Friday. The award-winning actress was 59.

She was a celebrated Filipino actress whose real name was Evangelina Rose Gil Eigenmann. Gil was called the “La Primera Contravida” for her acting contributions and prowess to the Philippines. She was the daughter of Filipino singer and actors Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil.

Gil was married to well-known violinist Rony Rogoff and had two children, Raphael and Bianca. The actress also has another child, Jeremiah David (Jay), from a previous relationship with Leo Martinez, an actor, comedian, and director.

Let’s take a glimpse at the actress’s handsome son, Raphael.

Raphael Rogoff Age -How Old Is Cherie Gil Son?

Cherie Gil’s son Raphel Rogoff is probably in his mid-20s, judging by his looks and appearance.

Raphael or Raph is the second child of the actress with her former husband, Rony Rogoff, a professional violinist. He is based in New York. The young son of the actress is currently making rounds on social media.

He proved that good looks run in their family; he inherited it from his stunning mom and dad. No one can resist his magnetic charm. Raphael wears the cutest smile and knows how to have fun.

Raph’s movie-star appearance is hard to overlook, and his images are making rounds all over the web. He has catchy eyes, a flawless jaw, delicate lips, and a well-toned build; there is no wonder fans are gushing to see him on screen.

The Eigenmanns are known as royalty in Philippine Showbiz, and their pleasing appearance runs in the family. Raphael is also into acting in theatre plays, and it is unsure if the handsome will pursue a career in acting.

Raphael Rogoff Short Wiki Bio

Raphel Rogoff is the son of the late Filipino actress Cherie Gil and her former husband Rony Rogoff, an international violinist.

He attended Scarsdale Senior High School in New York and graduated in July 2016. Raph then joined New York University and studied Global Liberal Studies Concentrating on Ethics, Religion, and Politics.

Raph and his loving sister Bianca grew up with their father, Roni, in Israel and later moved to New York. He is fond of traveling and exploring various places and loves sports like football and wrestling.

He has visited beautiful countries like Cambodia, France, Spain, and Austria. Paph often shares his travel glimpses on his social handles. While in the Philippines, he has fun with his celebrity friends, Inigo Pascual and Ylona Garcia.

An overall gentleman, Raph tries to study his Filipino heritage whenever he gets the chance by visiting different places in the country. Moreover, as a student of the prestigious NYU, he is often seen at the Big Apple.

Is Raphael Rogoff Already Taken -Relationship Timeline

Raphael Rogoff shares a romantic relationship with his stunning partner, who goes by the Instagram name Solveig Martin.

He and his special one seem to love traveling together and has shared many loving pictures from different trips. The loving pair have been together for more than four years, as indicated by his Instagram post.

On February 25, 2018, Raphael marked their 1.5 years of togetherness by sharing a loving photo of himself with Martin on Instagram. Her comment in the post reads, “and I still can’t pose.”

The young pair seem to have quite a strong bonding with each other. Their adorable pictures can be easily found on Raphael’s Instagram account. However, Martin has made her IG account private at the moment.

Meet The Handsome Raphael Rogoff On Instagram

Raphael Rogoff is quite famous on his Instagram account, which goes by the username @raphrogoff.

With 427 excellent posts, he enjoys a fanbase of over 36.6k followers. When in mother, Cherie Gil, posted a picture of her and her son on her IG account, people could barely resist his charm.

Raph is a thoughtful brother to his siblings and a loving sin to his father and mother. His sister, Bianca, is also a beauty who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Drama, from New York University in 2019.

His older brother, Jay, works as an audio engineer in New York and has a close relationship with his two siblings. Raph also has a half-sister from his father named Renee. Although his parents separated after 20 years of marriage, they remained good friends.