Who is Sara Molina? 6ix9ine’s baby mama says gym attack was “embarrassing” for daughter

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s child mom, Sara Molina, guaranteed that his new beatdown at a Florida rec center was “humiliating” for their seven-year-old youngster. Recently, the rapper was the survivor of an attack in a Florida rec center restroom. A video of the assault showed 6ix9ine lying on the floor and attempting to safeguard his head as the two unidentified men remained over him, over and over tossing punches and kicking him in the ribs and face.

As the video circulated around the web, Sara Molina shared her considerations on Tekashi 6ix9ine in such circumstances. Through her agents, she talked with TMZ and depicted her ex’s new tricks as “miserable to see.” She referenced that their seven-year-old girl, Saraiyah, would ultimately grow up and watch the recordings, which would wind up influencing her.

Molina felt like not having sufficient security around was a “foolish” choice on the rapper’s part, given 6ix9ine’s vast experiences lately. Furthermore, she got down on his way of behaving at the World Baseball Exemplary matchup among Mexico and Puerto Rico recently. A viral video showed the rapper being accompanied out of the arena after purportedly yelling at individual onlookers.

Given the circumstance, Sara Molina was purportedly worried that their kid would grow up knowing her dad, who supposedly hasn’t been in touch since the previous year, through these disputable recordings.

Born on January 17, 1996, Sara Molina is an American Instagram superstar and web-based entertainment character. As a virtual entertainment force to be reckoned with, Molina has very nearly 500,000 supporters on Instagram. She likewise co-possesses a web-based store called The Excellence Box with her sister Baddie Gi. She as of now lives with her kid in Brooklyn, New York.

In mid 2011, Sara Molina started dating the rapper, whom she met through a common companion. Tekashi 6ix9ine, genuine name Daniel Hernandez, was 16 when they began dating.The then-couple chose to move in together following two years of their relationship. Notwithstanding, when Molina was 19, she chose to move back in with her folks. By then, she was pregnant with Tekashi’s kid, whom she brought forth on October 29, 2015.

Her relationship with 6ix9ine went on for around seven years before it finished in 2017 with the two players blaming each other for cheating. Albeit a video of Molina and Tekashi’s chief, Kiffano Jordan, lying in bed together became famous online in Walk 2020, she denied being involved with him.

After their separation, Molina admitted that she had been attacked a few times all through their relationship. She even blamed the rapper for focusing on his new darling while at the same time overlooking their little girl who required help.

To reveal insight into the new occasions, 6ix9ine stood out as truly newsworthy this week after he was raced to the clinic with non-hazardous wounds. He bounced in a LA Wellness storage space in Florida. Police haven’t made any captures so far yet the case is being scrutinized.

Molina said she was worried for her little girl’s security because of the rapper’s previous activities and his new quarrels with different rappers. She and Saraiyah have apparently been doing fine, however the mother trusts that her child’s dad gets the “help he wants.” She likewise asserts that the mother-girl couple is getting along nicely, regardless of the presence of the dad.

While there are significant questions among her and Tekashi, Molina says that she is more centered around Donald Trump getting prosecuted than her ex getting hopped.