Who is Shellyne Rodriguez? Video of former Hunter College teacher wielding machete against reporter leaves netizens stunned

A video showing Shellyne Rodriguez, an assistant lecturer at the School of Visual Expressions and Tracker School, employing a cleaver and compromising a journalist has now turned into a web sensation, leaving netizens dismayed. The occurrence becomes known only days after the instructor flung obscenities at understudies who were monitoring a supportive of life stand at the school, which she later obliterated.

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, a New York Post journalist, Reuven Fenton defied Rodriguez about the occurrence at her home in the Bronx. Accordingly, she drew a cleaver and held it at his throat, while taking steps to “hack” him. She then continued to pursue Fenton his photography partner outside with the weapon still close by.

As fresh insight about the occurrence spread, many were stunned at Shellyne Rodriguez’s way of behaving and requested that the instructor be discharged from her post. A representative for the school, Vince Dimiceli, told Everyday Mail:

Rodriguez is a craftsman, teacher, essayist, and local area extremist who was born and brought up in the Bronx, New York. She graduated with a Lone wolf of Expressive arts (BFA) from The School of Visual Workmanship’s Visual and Basic Studies Program in 2011 and later finished her Lord’s program (MFA) at Tracker School in 2014.

Shellyne Rodriguez showed Drawing, Painting, and Interdisciplinary studies at Tracker School and was a Workmanship History teacher and a postulation counselor at the School of Visual Expressions, preceding getting shot.

Her work centers around subjects of “trust and despondency” investigated through “self-portraying content as well as socio-authentic markers.” Making sense of her training, she composes:

The honor winning craftsman’s work has been shown at a few workmanship shows and galleries, including the Bronx Exhibition hall of Workmanship and Gallery of the City of New York. Also, her work has been perceived across the globe, where she has been welcome to give addresses, remembering one at the School of Visual Expressions for Roma, Italy.

As the video showing Rodriguez employing a cleaver became a web sensation, netizens were left dazed and shocked. They addressed how she was permitted to turn into a teacher and requested she be captured. Many referred to her as “unhinged,” “psycho,” and a “public disturbance.”

While Shellyne Rodriguez has not remarked on late turns of events, reports of her suing the NYPD have surfaced. She affirmed that officials mishandled her while she was captured during the George Floyd fight in June 2020. She is expected to show up in include in July 2023 for the equivalent.