Who Is Simon Fleming? Wollongong Shooting Suspect Age Revealed

Simon Fleming is claimed to be the Wollongong shooting suspect by unofficial sources.

Thus, the identity of the shooter cannot be confirmed at the moment.

Likewise, the concerned police force has yet to name the suspect and the whole incident presently officially.

The masked gunman is currently under the custody of Illawarra Police Station.

Meanwhile, the police are still investigating to inform the public very soon about the perpetrator and the whole exploit.

The unofficial suspect, Simon Fleming’s age is 40 years old.

Many important places of the city were on police watch, and they even had to deploy a bomb disposal robot for precaution.

According to the recent update by ABC, the masked man is the holder of a registered firearm; thus, his identity is known to the police.

Meanwhile, the police are planning to release the complete information on the man after tracing his home and the motive behind the shooting.

Is Simon Fleming Arrested?

The unconfirmed shooting suspect of the Wollongong shooting incident, Simon Fleming, was arrested the same day of the unrest.

He had surrendered after tactical police arrived at the scene.

However, several cars were already damaged, while critical casualties have not been reported as of now.

Many natives have complained that the man who went berserk on the Wollongong streets on November 28 and caused a wide-city panic that day deserved to be behind bars.

Simon Fleming Charges Explained

Simon Fleming’s identity is yet to be confirmed; thus, any legal procedures against him have not been charged.

The police are still into investigations hoping to track down the cause of the incident.

Thus, the law protectors may take some time to take him to court with related legal charges against him.