Who Is Steven Pankey Son Carl Pankey? Verdict And Update On The Man Who Killed Jonelle Matthews

Carl Pankey was the youngest son of former candidate for Idaho governor, Steven Pankey, whose girlfriend killed him in 2008 in Phoenix.

Steven was charged with killing 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews in 1984. Jonelle had been sighted last time on December 20, 1984, when her father took her home after the Christmas concert. But later, when his father returned, he did not find her at her Greeley home.

Let’s check this article to know more about the Carl Pankey and Jonelle Matthews case.

Who Is Steven Pankey Son Carl Pankey?

As already mentioned, Carl Pankey was the youngest son of Steven Panke; his girlfriend brutally killed him in 2008 in Phoenix.

A 20-year college student was gruesomely shot by his partner. He was born on August 6, 1987, and lived with his parents in Arizona.

According to some online portals, at Carl’s funeral, his mother listened to Steven’s words, “I hope God did not allow this to happen because of Jonelle Matthews”. His parents were heartbroken by his early death.

More update on his case was not made public, but the Pankey family was traumatized after that awful incident. Carl left this world too early, but the motive for his murder did not reveal until now.

Angela Hick, his ex-wife, had never seen him being so emotional and heartbroken in his entire life and told him it was one of the most touching moments for the family.

We will update you more about Carl once we get the information.

Steven Pankey Update- Who Killed Jonelle Matthews?

A 12-year-old girl, Jonelle Matthews’s dead body, was discovered in July 2019, and Steven was arrested for her 1984 murder.

Steven made the headlines after Jonelle’s cold case, which is still under investigation. As per Pankey’s statement, his primary consideration is public safety, adding he desires to restore local law.

Jonelle’s dead body was found after 35years of her missing in Weld County, Colorado. The officers referred to her case as a homicide investigation and ordered a SWAT team to conduct an extensive search of his home.

The officers snatched his financial documents and electronic devices. More than a year after her murder, Steven was apprehended on charges of first-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping with a weapon, and two-sentence enhancing crimes of violence.

Where Is Steven Pankey Today?

Steven Dan Pankey is named as the alleged killer of Jonathan Matthews, and the case continued for more than two decades without any conclusion.

This case has become the most discussed case, and according to the recent update on the case in 2022, Pankey was declared innocent of first-degree murder on five felony charges, but he is guilty of false reporting.

Furthermore, he has been battling Asperger’s syndrome and autism. Before October 2021, he was still imprisoned in search of evidence on Matthews’s case. According to Steven, he was falsely accused in this case, and he resided in Blaine County from the mid-1990s until his arrest.