Who Is Terrance Higgins From Big Brother? Meet The Bus Operator Hailing From Chicago

Terrance Higgins is an American bus operator and a contestant on the Big Brother reality show 2022.

He is a reality television personality from Chicago and one of 16 revealed cast members of Big Brother Season 24. In this season of Big Brother, he is the oldest contestant. The oldest contestant is unquestionably one of the most adored players on the reality show “Big Brother Season 24.”

This season started on July 6, 2022, on CBS. The show follows its usual schedule of three times a week. The new episodes will air on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 pm ET and Thursdays at 9 pm ET.

How Old Is The Oldest Contestant of Big Brother?

Terrance Higgins is 47 years old in 2022. His birth year was 1975 and he was born in Chicago, the United State.

Most of his childhood was spent in Chicago with his parents. Terrance’s parents had offered him the best nourishment and upbringing. After finishing his study in high school, the reality television personality went to one of the Universities in Florida for graduation.

At the age of 47, his height is around 5 feet 10 inches and his weight is estimated to be around 84 kg.

Since he is 47 and other contestant of Big Brother Season 24 has an age lesser than Terrance Higgins, this makes him one of the oldest contestants of season 24.

Terrance Higgins Zodiac Sign

Some source claim that the oldest Big Brother contestant of 2022 has the zodiac sign Capricorn.

After watching the show we can perceive that he has a humorous and outgoing personality. The reality television personality is also confident and intelligent.

In an interview, he had told people will perceive him as very funny, super sarcastic, and just the life of the party. Furthermore, the Big Brother season 24 contestant told that he likes to keep a real good vibe with good energy.

He even added he has a big personality and carries a kind of alpha vibe.

Terrance Higgins Is A Bus Operator

The reality television personality’s job is as a bus operator. The oldest Big Brother contestant’s main career is the bus driver and earning from this profession he had maintained his estimated net worth to be around $ 1 million or above.

In America, the Big Brother contestant drives the bus to earn the living and in the reality show, he is with the contestants that are attorneys, private chefs, chemical processor engineers, private chefs, Vegas performers, personal trainers, and interior designers.

These contestants are living together in the Big Brother house without any communication with the outside world. They are being part of this show to win the title and a good sum of amount.

After being a reality television personality he can add $750000 price money in his net worth if he wins the title of Big Brother Season 24.

Does Terrance Higgins Have Instagram Account?

There are some Instagram account that uses the name Terrance Higgins but none of the accounts belongs to the reality television personality Terrance Higgins.

His fans are hoping that Big Brother’s oldest contestant’s Instagram account will be publicized soon and they can monitor and keep track of him.