Who Is Vaughn Mugol? Meet The Voice USA Contestant On Instagram

The voice contestant Vaughn Mugol Wikipedia has not been formed under his bio. A Filipino singer has been able to make three-chair turns during his blind audition for The Voice.

All the Judges, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend’s chairs got turned for the young singer after he performed the song from Ed Sheeran.

He is a Registered nurse from Texas who has yet to decide which coach to be chosen. As per Vaughn, it was his first time performing on such a more prominent platform in his entire life, which surprised the judges.

Vaughn On Instagram

Vaughn is active as @vaughn.mugol on his Instagram.

He has gained 4044 followers on his Instagram platform.

His Instagram is featured with his travel diaries. He is also active in his Twitter and Facebook accounts. He has pleased the coaches of The Voice season 21st, which make him enter the platform. He is more to be going through his career path.

Mugol must have accumulated enough for his life as a proud Nurse since His net worth has not been revealed anywhere by him.

Vaughn Mugol wife

Vaughn Mugol probably does not have a wife.

Most of his romantic life ventures are yet to be explained. However, he is not married yet. But he is expected to have a Girlfriend.

He once has posted a picture relating to his forever traveling partner on Instagram, but not much info has popped out to the public gaze since he seems to keep his private life personal.

Vaughn Mugol Parents

Vaughn Mugol was raised by Asian parents.

His father’s name is Lien Mugol – he holds the nationality of the USA.

By his looks, many might get confused that he may be a Filipino by his face. But he tends to be an American. However, his parents seem to be original of Filipino descent.

A picture has been posted on his Instagram relating to his parents.

The Voice: Vaughn Mugol Wikipedia Age

The Voice: Vaughn Mugol’s Wikipedia has not been created yet.

Since he is one of the chosen contestants of The Voice season 21st, he is a well-known American Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Artist famous for The Voice 2021 Season 21.

In addition to singing, Vaughn enjoys traveling. However, he has been to Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Italy, and the UK,  US states, Colorado, California, Nevada, Louisiana, Hawaii, and New York.

When he’s not working or pursuing his dreams, he can often be found exploring, either by the water or on land. Skiing is also a favorite pastime of his life.

Since he was born on December 14 and celebrates his birthday with his loved one every year in Texas, the United States, his age as is of 2021 is approximately between 22-28 years. Vaughn Mugol was born and raised in Texas, the United States, by his parents.

His full name is Vaughn Siangco Mugol. His birth sun sign is Sagittarius. He has an Impetuous character and tends to have cheerful, Jovial, and very studios nature.

Well, his height is not recorded anywhere yet. But it seems like he stands at the height of 6 ft and 2 inches.