Who Is Willne Girlfriend Mia Monaghan? Trent Alexander Arnold Ig Dm Sparks Controversy

Twitch streamer Willne’s recent tweet went viral on the internet after involving his girlfriend, Mia Monaghan, and Liverpool’s defender, Trent Alexander Arnold. What is the controversy about?

Liverpool full-back Trent Alexander Arnold sent a wave message to Willne’s girlfriend, Mia Mon. The streamer then took a photo of the footballer’s message request and uploaded it on social media.

In addition to that, he also posted a screenshot of his FPL team and asked TAA to keep a clean sheet. “10 points, and she says you can see her narn,” the streamer captioned.

As a result, the whole Twitter community has gone crazy over the incident.

Who Is Willne’s Girlfriend, Mia Monaghan?

Mia Monaghan is a Twitch streamer and model best known for dating Willne.

Popular as Mia Mon, she has amassed thousands of fans on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. She often appears with the E-boys and on her boyfriend’s channel.

Besides, Mon streams playing video games on her Twitch channel as well. She plays Among Us and Minecraft with the E-boys. A lot of viewers like her for her cheerful personality and her laugh.

Moreover, the British model was born on October 25, 1998. She is 23 years old.

Mia Monaghan And Trent Alexander Arnold IG DM Controversy: What Happened?

Mia Monaghan received a DM from footballer Trent Alexander Arnold. The Liverpool defender sent a wave emoji.

WillNE, on the other hand, clicked a photo of the message and posted it on his Twitter handle. The streamer seems to be backing TAA to keep a clean sheet as the defender was in his fantasy team.

“my brother in christ @TrentAA, I am so desperate for a clean sheet tonight,” The streamer wrote on Twitter. He added, “10 points, and she says you can see her narn.”

The tweet took social media by storm as people got blown away. That’s the only thing WillNE fans have talked about for the past few hours.

Another funny fact is that Trent Alexander Arnold failed to keep a clean sheet tonight as Zaha opened the scoring for Palace. So, it doesn’t matter now, does it?

Twitter Reacts To Mia Mon And TAA Controversy: Is It A Prank?

The ongoing controversy between Mia Mon and TAA seems to be a prank pulled by Stephen Tries.

Replying to WillNE’s post, Tries shared a screenshot of his conversation with the Liverpool right-back. He captioned it, “It was just a prank bro. Me and Trent got you good lol.”

The conversation between Stephen and TAA read, “Can you send a message to my mate’s girlfriend, please? His name is WillNE, and he broke up the Eboys, which upset me.”

So, this may be a prank after all. But the drama owned Twitter for hours.