Who Was Cristine Lee Silawan? Philippines Murder Case As Killer Is Set Lose

Cristine Lee Silawan, a secondary school young lady, was mercilessly killed in 2011. She was tracked down dead in an empty parcel in Barangay Bangkal, Lapu City.

Silawan’s body was found to the point of being unrecognizable as she was cleaned and cut on various occasions.

Who Was Cristine Lee Silawan? Her Wikipedia Cristine Lee Silawan was 16 years of age at the hour of her ruthless homicide. On March 11, 2019, Silwan was tracked down dead in an empty parcel in Lapu City.

Silawan was a secondary school understudy who likewise filled in as a Church gatherer. She was a local of Cebu, Philippines.

Before her homicide, her unidentified beau had utilized a phony Facebook record to meet her. The suspect had at first acted like an alternate man.

The CCTV film had furnished a brief look at Silawan strolling with a male figure. Subsequently, the police have associated that there is the contribution with somewhere around three-man in her homicide.

Cristine Lee Silawan Case Fotos Circulate On Reddit The post-mortem photographs of Cristine Lee Silawan are as of now circling on the web.

It shows she was unfeelingly cleaned to her skull. Her body was found exposed with in excess of 20 cut injuries and with nine protective wounds.

The criminological photographs showed her tongue, windpipe, throat, portions of her neck and her right ear were absent. Her face was cleaned to the skull. The starter examination likewise uncovered that she was physically attacked before her passing.

The scientific group likewise uncovered that the acidic materials were utilized to annihilate half of her face. Her face was ignited with corrosive that likewise contacted her temple, neck, and, eyes. The ligature marks on her neck likewise showed that she was stifled utilizing a 1-centimeter-long rope.

Cristine Lee Silawan Killer Is Set Lose: Case Updates On the sixteenth of March 2011, a man named Jonas Martel Bue was captured on doubt of Cristine Lee Silawan. Be that as it may, the man from Barangay Maribago prevented any job in the homicide from getting the 16-year-old.

One more asserted suspect, Renato Llanes, was captured subsequent to making an “extrajudicial admission”. Be that as it may, he argued not blameworthy to the homicide accusations. Llane claims that the homicide was enlivened by the scandalous momo challenge.

On May 24, 2020, Renato Llanes committed suicide by hanging. His demise has not brought genuine equity for Silawan rather it doused his criminal liabilities.

The arraignment had settled that Llanes was answerable for the homicide and the case was shut with his self destruction.