Why did Myles Goodwyn leave April Wine?

Myles Francis Goodwyn, born on June 23, 1948, in Woodstock, Canada, is a Canadian musician renowned for his roles as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter for the iconic rock band April Wine. Goodwyn played a pivotal role in shaping the band’s trajectory from its humble garage band beginnings in 1969 to achieving multi-platinum sales and reaching its peak. However, in December 2022, Goodwyn made a surprising announcement – he was retiring from touring with April Wine. This decision left fans and the music industry wondering about the reasons behind this significant move.

The departure of Myles Goodwyn from April Wine in December 2022 may be attributed to a combination of health struggles, particularly his battle with diabetes, and the demanding nature of the touring lifestyle. As fans bid farewell to a rock legend, it is essential to acknowledge the significance of Goodwyn’s contributions to April Wine and the broader music landscape. While the stage lights may dim for Goodwyn, his legacy will continue to shine brightly in the annals of Canadian rock history.