Why Do Fans Think Emerald Rose Has Fake Tourettes? Truth Behind Ticsandroses Tiktok Exposed

Why do fans believe Emerald Rose has fake Tourettes? Learn the truth behind Ticsandroses Tiktok’s public exposure.

Emerald Rose, a TikTok celebrity, claimed to have had Tourette syndrome when she was six or seven years old.

Because the disorder had made her life so difficult over the years, she said that by mid-2021, at the age of 27, she was using her 500k-follower TikTok account, @ticsandroses, to promote Tourette awareness.

Simultaneously, she is promoting her yarn-dying business.

However, recordings like the one we’re going to show started to generate questions about whether or not this particular TikTok had Tourette’s syndrome.

Her physical appearance was observed to be forced or fake.

When these assumptions were proven to be correct, ticksandroses was exposed, resulting in her account being permanently deleted.

On Tiktok, Why Do Fans Think Emerald Rose Has Fake Tourettes? Truth Exposed

Emerald also owned a yarn dying business called Stardust Fiber Studio, which has its own Facebook page, in addition to her and Rose’s TikTok page.

She used to broadcast promotional live streaming on the page starting in 2020, much before her Tourette’s TikTok became prominent in early to mid-2021.

The strange thing about one of these old live feeds was that, despite having Tourette’s since the age of six or seven, Emerald didn’t tick once during the whole one-minute 54-second video.

While she can be seen ticking once every one to three seconds or more in the video on the Tics and Roses TikTok page.

As a result, a one-minute 54 second old undulated live broadcast in which she didn’t tick once was surely some compelling early proof against the validity of her disease.

Emerald had a reasonable defense when the topic of the Facebook live stream began to appear frequently in her TikTok comments.

She even responded to a TikTok user who had brought it up.

Before going on to say that the tics didn’t happen all of the time and that she could shoot short videos without any involuntary outbursts, she clarified that the tics didn’t happen all of the time.

Many people accepted the excuse as a reasonable response.

Well, for a brief moment, Reddit again would uncover another 54-minute live video without a single tick, making her prior excuse a little less credible.