Young Royals: How Old Is Nikita Uggla? Meet The Actress On Instagram

Nikita Uggla, aged 19, recently made her acting debut via the Netflix show, Young Royals. Continue below for more info.

Nikita Uggla is a Swedish actress. She debuted her acting career via the Netflix original T.V series ‘Young Royals’.

The 6-episode series has garnered a huge response from the critics as well as fans.

With the great reviews garnering, Nikita is set to impress the viewers through her talent and is expecting to work on further projects as well.

How Old Is Nikita Uggla? Age Revealed

Young Royals actress Nikita Uggla’s age is 19 years old.

Born in 2002, Uggla’s date of birth is not known to date. With her birthday being concealed, the zodiac sign which she hails cannot be known.

Nikita has landed herself a role on Netflix at 19 and is ready to expand her career in the upcoming years.

Young Royals Nikita Uggla Wikipedia Bio

Nikita Uggla’s Wikipedia biography has not been published yet as she is only a project old, professionally.

Nikita’s educational background is up to the mark at her age.

The actress attended Nils Holgerssonskolan School before joining Nova Academy of Performing arts in High school.

Graduating from high school in 2020, Nikita instantly followed her career path in acting.

Actively present on the theatre and drama in her high school days, she joined Schultzberg drama agency which helped her secure a debut role in the Netflix series.

Uggla’s additional skills include dancing, singing, playing piano, writing, and horseback riding.

Nikita Uggla Parents and Boyfriend Details

Nikita Uggla’s parents include her mother Anna Carin Uggla and her father, whose name is not yet disclosed.

Born and raised in Kivik, Sweden Uggla belongs to the African ethnicity.

Uggla is also blessed with a brother named Gabriel, who is a visual designer by profession.

Detail regarding her boyfriend is left unclear as of now. She has managed to keep her relationship history a secret to date.

Meet Nikita Uggla On Instagram

Nikita Uggla can be found on Instagram under the username @nikitauggla

She is 58-posts-old and has garnered over 17.7k followers.

Her account is expected to see a rise in followers shortly.